Ethereum Merge - Google Search

The Ethereum Merge is expected to be one of the most important events in the crypto community. It now seems like the Merge news has attracted other tech giants that want to be part of this major event. The world’s largest search engine, Google, has started a countdown for the Merge, further stirring community excitement.

Google unveils Ethereum Merge countdown clock

Tech giant Google has shown support for the upcoming Merge. The company has set up a countdown clock to mark the time left until the Merge happens. The development is major support for the Merge by a traditional tech company.

Anyone can view the countdown for the Merge after typing in any variation of this upgrade, such as the “Ethereum Merge,” into the search bar. This will display a countdown timer at the top of the search results page showing an estimate of the time left before the Merge happens. The countdown also shows other details, such as the current difficulty and hash rate.

On the countdown result, there is also an image of two pandas running towards each other, depicting a cartoon illustration of the Merge nearing completion. The pandas are expected to come together when the Merge happens.

Sam Padilla, a developer at Google Cloud, commented about this countdown timer on Google search results, saying that it was “a fun little surprise.” He also added that the countdown ticker was a way of showing appreciation to Ethereum developers for the work they had put into the project for several years.

Padilla said the countdown timer was an idea brought to life by the team at Google search and labs. He also said that the move was his idea and that he was involved in implementing it.

Padilla further explained that the timer was directly linked to the Ethereum blockchain, adding that the time left would be based on the real-time data offered by the network. He also added that the underlying data was acquired from the Ethereum blockchain through some of the nodes that the team ran.

Google’s involvement in the crypto space

Google has shown increased interest in the crypto space over the years. In May, the tech giant unveiled a web 3.0 & crypto team that would serve under the Google Cloud division. Nevertheless, developers from Google are not the only tech-savvy teams keeping a close eye on the Merge.

The latest data from Google search says that searches with the term “Ethereum Merge” have increased significantly. Google users seem to also be interested in the process, with the aforementioned search term generating a score above 50 over the past month, reaching a high of 100 on September 3.

The 100 value is classified as “peak popularity for the term.” On the other hand, the value of 50 shows that the term is only half popular. The latest data shows undoubted popularity in the Merge from Google users.

The Merge also attracts a lot of attention in Singapore, according to CoinGecko. The other countries interested in the Merge include Switzerland, Canada, Germany, the US, and the Netherlands.

CoinGecko made these rankings depending on the analysis of the frequency of ten search terms such as the “ETH Merge,” “Ethereum Merge,” and “Ethereum PoW.” These terms were later combined before the overall ranking.

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