RobotEra is expected to make huge gains as the blockchain gaming space continues to develop despite the bear market.

This platform is centred on the play-to-earn concept, which means that there are multiple ways for investors to increase revenue and get rewarded.

RobotEra Brings Gaming to the Metaverse

RobotEra is a new blockchain gaming platform that features players as robots. The game is backed by LBank Labs and offers players several interesting ways to profit.

Players in RobotEra get transported to Taro – a planet in the metaverse. According to the game’s plot, the Taro inhabitants fought a war against an army of robots, which finally destroyed their planet.

The story explains that Prosius, a scientist on Taro, triggered the “new life” just before the end of the conflict on the planet. At that moment, all the natives were extinguished, leaving the robots alone on the planet. These robots were suddenly given the power of human feeling and ideas, and they are now tasked with rebuilding the planet from the remains of the war.

Every player in RobotEra is now a robot tasked with reconstructing the planet, using the ideas they have gathered to establish communities and engage in the world’s development from scratch. As a result, players own anything they purchase in this virtual world. Even better, they have complete control over how their properties are monetized. These properties, all the way down to the player robots, are non fungible tokens (NFTs).

Each robot belongs to a specific faction with its traits and benefits. There are seven factions, so players can choose which type of robot they’d like to be. Depending on the robot type chosen, players have specific goals and priorities.

The game allows players to build structures, homes, shopping malls, museums, recreational parks, and more.

RobotEra is ideal for dedicated gamers who are looking for a new challenge. The game allows players to build a companion robot that suits their needs while still earning from selling their properties.

A Unique Value Proposition

RobotEra’s developers have managed to create a game that combines multiple concepts of Web3 into its gameplay. With the metaverse being one of the most interesting technologies available today, there is still a lot of potentials for the game to grow massively.

RobotEra allows players to monetize their properties in various ways. A player, for example, can sell a parcel of land to earn or develop parks and charge anyone who wants to stay there. They can install billboards on their property, charge for ad placement, and much more.

Players access all of this without coding knowledge, meaning players can profit regardless of their technical knowledge.

Don’t Miss TARO

RobotEra operates using a native token. The crypto asset with the ticker TARO is expected to be a major part of the gaming ecosystem. TARO will power all of RobotEra’s operations, processing NFT purchases within the game’s in-app NFT marketplace. Holders will also be able to use TARO to participate in RobotEra’s many community initiatives.

At the moment, TARO is available on presale. The digital asset has had a decent presale, with over $538,000 raised in less than two months, and considering the bear market, this is very impressive.

The price of TARO stands at just $0.020. However, the presale is still in its early stages, and TARO’s price is set to surge even more over time.

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