Dash 2 Trade is a reliable platform that provides high-quality market intelligence for crypto investors. Its native token, D2T is currently in its final presale stage, which is a good time to buy.

Market Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Dash 2 Trade looks to provide massive opportunities for profitability to crypto traders. The platform was launched in October 2022 by Learn 2 Trade – a learning and development platform for beginners in the crypto space.

Dash 2 Trade aims to be the Bloomberg terminal for crypto by providing optimal research and analytics tools that anyone in the crypto market can use. It relieves investors of the burden of research, allowing them to access high-quality information whenever needed.

Some of the platform’s biggest and most promising features include a trading application program interface (API), a strategy creator, and even signals for investors who don’t want to perform technical research.

Investors looking for quality market intelligence can also get it from D2T. From on-chain analytics to liquidity information, the platform allows investors to know healthy projects in the market and separate them from illiquid, unhealthy ones.

The recent collapse of the FTX ecosystem and predecessors like Terra and Three Arrows Capital has made it important for investors to stay safe in the market. And with Dash 2 Trade, they now have enough information to help inform their trading decisions.

To top it all off, investors can participate in trading competitions and other community initiatives in which they can win various significant prizes.

The platform is currently in development, as its developers recently launched new functionalities to its site that will help users get onboarded easily.

Get D2T to Enjoy Gains Now

As part of its early development rollout, Dash 2 Trade is currently amid the presale for its native token, D2T. The digital asset comes with an interesting use case, allowing users to pay for Dash 2 Trade’s services easily.

Dash 2 Trade offers three pricing options to users. They can use the platform for free or pay 400 D2T monthly for the Starter tier. The Premium service tier also requires a monthly payment of 1,000 D2T.

Besides payments, Dash 2 Trade also offers holders access to its many competitions and community initiatives.

So far, the D2T has raised over $9.92 million in its presale. Its ability to raise such an impressive sum amid the bear market shows that investor interest is growing significantly.

The coin has reached the final stage of its presale and is now 75% sold out, which means investors only have a short time to purchase D2T tokens at $0.0533 before the presale ends.

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