Thursday, February 2, 2023 – Meme coin and play-to-earn project Tamadoge (TAMA) has today announced that Jon Bishop has been appointed as the new CEO.

Jon’s appointment as CEO comes at an exciting time as Tamadoge launches a flurry of new casual games to their arcade with the first of five titles, Super Doge, recently released to huge excitement.

The first five titles are only the start – Jon arrives with a mandate to develop Tamadoge into the leading Web3 gaming platform, leveraging his crypto and gaming knowledge to create gaming experiences that will appeal to the masses and onboard thousands of new users to the space.

The team is determined to deliver well beyond what was outlined in the whitepaper. They will be publishing a live public roadmap so that anyone can check on their progress and what is being delivered at any time.

Jon Bishop is an industry heavyweight who will bring a wealth of experience to the role, having previously held senior positions in fintech, crypto and gaming, working for companies like eBay, PayPal, Coda and Outright Games, the world’s largest publisher of children’s games.

His most recent role was as Head of Mobile for Outright Games – a games publisher that develops games for huge IP brands such as Peppa Pig, Bratz and PAW Patrol among others – and he was previously Marketing Director for Huobi Global, the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange.

‘Web3 Should Deliver a Better Playing Experience than F2P Games’

Speaking on the news of his appointment, Mr Bishop said: “I’m excited to start turning the Tamadoge platform into the biggest Web3 gaming project out there.

“We have a long and ambitious roadmap planned out and a world-class team to help us deliver it and I can’t wait to share that roadmap with the community.

“Web3 games should be doing better than they are, my working theory is that they focus too much on Web3 and not enough on the game experience.

“We’re going to focus on great experiences that onboard thousands of new users to Web3.

“Not only can Web3 gaming match up to free-to-pay, the dominant gaming revenue model of the last 10 years or so, it can be better for the user.

“Web3 presents new innovative monetization models that aren’t in conflict with the user experience, like free-to-play is, meaning the dream of strong revenues and great player experiences is possible with Web3 gaming.”

Super Doge Live with Four More Arcade Games Incoming

The first game from the Tamadoge Arcade, Super Doge, went live on January 25 and saw overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community – as well as huge playing time.

Super Doge saw more than 80 hours of gameplay in its first 24 hours with players battling the evil SECKnights and collecting coins on Tama Island.

The simple and fun browser-based game features both free-to-play and play-to-earn options with players needing to hold a Tamadoge NFT to access the latter.

They are on sale on OpenSea with a floor price of 0.2 ETH for a Common Pet and 0.4799 ETH for Rare Pets.

Ultra Rare Pets – which boast the best attributes and stats for the main Tamadoge game – have an impressive floor price of 4.9 ETH with only 25% of the collection listed.

Players also spend 1 TAMA per play with Super Doge and must complete levels to move up the leaderboard for the chance to win rewards.

Four more games from the Tamadoge Arcade – To The Moon, Tama Blast, Tamadoge Run and Rocket Doge – will release in the coming weeks, with details to be revealed soon.

Tamadoge Arcade is Just the Beginning

The Tamadoge Arcade is just the prelude before the main Tamadoge game goes live, which sees players breed, feed and raise Pets before doing battle against other players.

Styled on 90s smash hit Tamagotchi, players will also use one of the Tamadoge NFTs to enhance their playing power, earning points to climb the leaderboard and then receive TAMA rewards.

The project is also developing an augmented reality (AR) app which will see the Pets leap off the screen and into the real world to explore and hunt for prizes.

The Tamadoge Pet Store is where players can purchase food, clothes, toys and other cosmetic items for their Pets. It is not only vital for the game mechanics and makes the Pets fully customizable, but also makes TAMA tokens a deflationary asset.

All Pet Store purchases come with a 5% burn which will decrease the TAMA token supply, increase scarcity and drive up the price.

CryptoCart Partnership Allows Holders to Spend TAMA on Real World Goods

Another major announcement this week saw Tamadoge partner with CryptoCart, a protocol which allows TAMA holders to spend their tokens on real-world goods.

TAMA has joined the likes of Polygon, ApeCoin and Chainlink in partnering with CryptoCart.

Holders are now able to purchase anything from gift cards and beauty products to smartphones and gaming consoles with their TAMA tokens, adding yet more utility to the token.

TAMA Token Rising Fast – Where to Buy

Amid all the exciting news around the project, TAMA has pumped by around 45% in the last 2 weeks and has now found strong resistance at $0.02

TAMA can be found on more than a dozen CEXs and DEXs, including Tier 1 exchanges such as OKX and and leading decentralized exchange Uniswap.

An application for listing has also been made to crypto’s top exchange, Binance.

Compared to other meme coin projects, TAMA has a tiny supply of just 2 billion tokens – compared to Dogecoin’s 132 billion and Shiba Inu’s 550 trillion – is deflationary and has unrivaled utility.

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