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IBAT has been on a spiraling rise over the last week, and the gains could intensify with the anticipated listing of the token on the LBank exchange. IBAT is the native token for the Battle Infinity blockchain gaming ecosystem. The IBAT gaming platform supports several play-to-earn (P2E) games.

Battle Infinity set to list on LBank

The Battle Arena is a metaverse space on which all the games are played. Besides playing video games and participating in the battles, players can explore the massive Battle Infinity metaverse, where they can experience immersive gaming.

In the Battle Infinity Battle Arena, players can interact with each other by battling, watching, or learning about the other players. The IBAT native token is gaining in popularity, and it is also gaining listings on some of the best exchanges.

PancakeSwap is one of the best DeFi exchanges. IBAT is listed on the platform, allowing traders to buy if failed to do so during the presale phase.

Despite the negative sentiment in the market, the IBAT initial DEX offering (IDO) reported a price gain of around 700%. It made it one of the best-performing IDOs in 2022. Investors’ reactions toward IBAT could also report a price surge in the future.

The team also said that IBAT would be listed on some top coin tracking platforms, such as CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. The news has also triggered a price gain.

Another positive development to look forward to within the IBAT ecosystem is the listing of IBAT on the LBank centralized exchange. LBank is a popular CEX with more than $1 billion in daily trading volumes. It ranks as the 15th most active CEX. There are over 7290 IBAT token holders, and the number is likely to increase with these new listings.

The crypto community has expressed enthusiasm regarding IBAT, and this CEX listing could soon be the first of many. Moreover, there is much enthusiasm from the community regarding IBAT, and the listing could attract more loyal investors for the coin.

Battle Infinity set for future gains

Battle Infinity is a blockchain gaming network that has set itself apart from the other games in the market. It boasts better security and dependability than Axie Infinity, which was hacked earlier this year, resulting in a loss of more than $600 million.

The tokenomics of the IBAT token are also solid. There are only 10 billion coins in supply, and 28% of the supply was available during the presale. It boosts the token’s demand, which could translate to future gains.

The co-founder of Battle Infinity, Suresh Joshi, has also assured the community of the project’s future, referring to the KYC verification by CoinSniper. The verification proves the legitimacy of the project and boosts investor confidence.

Battle Infinity - New Metaverse Game

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Battle Infinity
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Battle Infinity