Promising web3 freelancing and gig work metaverse DeeLance just hit a massive fundraising milestone in the presale of its native $DLANCE crypto token.

Despite only launching the presale a few months ago, the project has already been able to raise a whopping more than $1 million dollars, with investors buzzing about the in-development web3 platform’s ability to fundamentally transform remote freelance work forever.

At present, the remote freelance industry remains heavily dominated by centralized web2 middlemen like Upwork and Fiverr.

These platforms wield enormous control over the freelance market and charge exorbitant fees, which comes at the detriment of both freelancers and employers alike.

But by harnessing the power of the decentralized and transparent blockchain, web3 projects like DeeLance hope to remove the middleman and hand the power back to the people who count – the freelancers and the buyers of their work.

And investors have no time to lose if they want to secure $DLANCE tokens on the cheap.

When the presale hits $1.2 million, the price of $DLANCE is set to jump 15% from $0.033 to $0.038.

Given the current pace at which $DLANCE tokens have been flying off of the shelves, that benchmark could be hit in the next few days.

Those who get in now will be sat on a paper gain of around 73% when $DLANCE lists across major cryptocurrency exchanges at $0.057 in Q3 this year.

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DeeLance – First-Of-Its-Kind Metaverse With Real Utility

DeeLance is building an innovative, crypto and NFT-powered metaverse that unites freelancers and employers and promises to transform remote working forever, as well as the $761 billion-dollar recruitment sector.

Think of DeeLance’s metaverse as a blockchain-powered, work-focused digital space that is designed to empower both freelancers and employers with lower fees than existing major web2 freelance websites.

At the core of DeeLance’s approach is the tokenization of freelance work products into NFTs, which facilitates the secure and reliable transfer of work ownership.

This directly addresses long-standing challenges in the digital freelancing space, such as copyright infringement and payment fraud, and provides an unprecedented level of security and peace of mind to all stakeholders.

Meanwhile, unlike many existing freelance platforms, which can be difficult to sign up to and take a large cut of a freelancer’s earnings, DeeLance is highly accessible and features exceedingly low fees.

To sign up for DeeLance, there will be no browser plugins, third-party apps, or even credit card details required.

Payments are fast and done with crypto and, thanks to the blockchain, everything is transparent and secure, payments secured via an escrow system and smart contracts.

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DeeLance’s Buzz Is Ramping Up Quickly

Thanks to its impressive value proposition and use case, DeeLance has been generating significant buzz in the crypto space.

Various reputable crypto news outlets rank DeeLance’s presale amongst the best of 2023, including the likes of, Inside Bitcoins and Techopedia.

And other media partnerships mean that the web3 start-up also features prominently across other major crypto news websites including Be[In]Crypto, CoinTelegraph, as well as on traditional news websites like Yahoo! Finance and Business Insider.

The project’s Twitter account has amassed an impressive more than 28,000 followers, while its

Telegram and Discord channels have over 12,000 and 4,000 members each.

As the word spreads and the DeeLance community rapidly grows, it’s no wonder that crypto analysts are predicting big gains for $DLANCE in the year ahead.

According to popular British presale crypto project analyst Jacob Crypto Bury, Deelance has “massive potential”, while Crypto Gains also expects big things for the platform and $DLANCE token.

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