Gala Price, a cryptocurrency gaming alternative, is up 21% today at $0.05. There are a few factors that have led to this sudden boom, some of which are listed below. GALA/USD opened the trading day at $0.05305 and has seen a 19.44% growth in the last 24 hours, currently trading at $0.05759. The highest price of today is $0.06250 and the lowest is recorded as $0.05286.

Gala Games Partnership with Hollywood Stars

As a result of a developing situation, the GALA has recently gained community attention. The much-anticipated collaboration between the web3 gaming protocol and Hollywood actors Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson captivated the web3 gaming community.

On January 9, Gala Games announced a collaboration with Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. However, they removed the tweet without explaining why. The now-deleted tweet stated that the presence of these A-list Hollywood actors may have an even greater impact off-screen, and the team is excited to work with them, according to a Discord image.

According to the tweet, as part of the agreement, Gala ecosystem users will be able to scan a QR code to pay for movie tickets to The Rock’s films and win digital rewards on Netflix.

According to a Gala representative, the news post was not meant to be made public; rather, it was meant to be a private announcement for the Discord community. He also mentioned that it was part of a Discord discussion about the future of Gala Film.

Gala removed the post out of courtesy to all parties involved, but the company is eager to share more details about these projects as soon as possible. The news kept the community excited, which aided the coin’s growth. Furthermore, since the incident, the GALA/USD token has increased in value.

Gala Games Acquired Ember Entertainment

Gala Games, a leading blockchain gaming studio and platform, announced via Twitter on January 6 that it had recently acquired a mobile gaming studio with more than 20 million subscribers. The announcement was first made on Gala Game’s Discord channel. Gala Games claims that its latest acquisition will undoubtedly attract a significant portion of its 20 million customers.

On January 10, Gala Games revealed the name of the acquired studio, Ember Entertainment. Gala Games went into detail about how Gala’s layer 1 blockchain fully integrated all of the games. The first two games to be included are Meow Match and Dragon Strike. The games will contribute to Gala’s growth.

Furthermore, mobile devices can be used to participate in the play-to-earn blockchain games. The community believes that the most recent development will increase platform usage and thus the value of the GALA/USD.

GALA Games 2021 Roadmap: The Latest Developments and What To Expect

GALA Games tweeted an updated roadmap with information on several upcoming developments on January 15. It includes an update on Meow Match, as well as a timeline for its integration into $GALA and other upcoming changes.

The updated roadmap revealed many planned features that, if implemented successfully, are likely to affect the price of GALA/USD.

3 Cryptos You Need To Know About in 2023

It is important to keep tabs on the presale stage of the new crypto projects if you are looking into investing in one. With such a large number of these projects emerging, analyzing presale results can give you an idea about the potential success of a project.

Investing in the cryptocurencies MEMAG, FGHT, and C+Charge which are available on presale now can be a very profitable decision. These digital assets have the potential to offer greater returns when compared to other investment options.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

MEMAG has seen tremendous growth in 2023 due to its efforts to create exciting and engaging mobile games. In addition, Meta Masters Guild intends to promote the usage of blockchain technologies by creating a web3-based game platform that is accessible to everyone.

By playing MEMAG’s wide collection of mobile games, users can earn GEMS – the digital currency used in the game. This provides an added level of enjoyment and could even give a competitive edge to players. If you’re looking for potential profits, you should take advantage of MEMAG tokens before the pre-sale ends. These coins can be exchanged for in-game tokens and can also be bought and sold on open markets. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get ahead!

Following this, the $MEMAG token is expected to reach new heights in the near future. This is due to its strong gaming community which keeps on returning due to its love of Meta Masters Guild. The best part is that players don’t need any money to join in – they can just get involved and start playing!

The presale is already in Stage 3 and the price will increase soon. Take advantage of this opportunity and purchase your membership now before it’s too late.

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Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out, the new cryptocurrency venture, uses the leading Move-to-Earn fitness application in order to reward users with REPS (or “in-app tokens”) for any type of physical exercise they do. Individuals can get this app and earn tokens every time they perform a workout.

FGHT is taking the fitness industry to the next level by introducing software that incentivizes people to make healthier lifestyle choices and stay active.

Fight Out aids in tracking and analysis of your physical workouts, showing progress towards your goals with the help of personalized avatars. This visual illustration encourages users to keep up with their routine and sustain gains.

The FGHT presale has been exceptionally successful, raising an impressive $3.5 million thus far. Investors have shown a strong interest in the project and it has sold out promptly for months now. To prevent missing out on this chance, you should act quickly as there is another price hike coming soon.

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C Charge (CCHG)

C+ Charge is a cryptocurrency platform offering CCHG tokens which are predicted to bring huge returns in the near future. It is specifically targeted towards electric cars owners since the EV market is rapidly growing, leading to higher expectations for the C+ Charge platform.

In essence, electric vehicle drivers and chargers can earn carbon credits for their efforts. These credits can be exchanged for CCHG tokens, which can be used to fund EV charging services at stations worldwide.

A new green cryptocurrency project, offering tremendous innovation and potential, is currently in a presale phase. It has already raised an impressive sum of over $434,000 and it’s set to launch its first CEX on March 31st. Don’t miss out – act quickly before it sells out!

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Fight Out - Next 100x Move to Earn Crypto

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Fight Out
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  • Presale Live Now - $4M+ Raised
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Fight Out