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Gala Games has partnered with Battle Islands for enhanced animation, and to try to salvage what remains of their tattered reputation, but their promises may be hollow.

Newcomer Battle Infinity is demonstrating to the Play-to-Earn (P2E) games community what is required of a forward-thinking project whose interests and goals are aligned with those of its community. Battle Infinity’s IBAT token currently represents one of the fastest-growing projects in the entire industry.

Offerings from the likes of Battle Infinity – focused initially on Fantasy Sports – could prove  highly effective competition against Gala and its business model.  So much so in fact, that it may be inevitable that Gala Games will gradually continue to lose market share against Battle Infinity as the latter delivers on more stages of the roadmap.

Gala Games lacks a sporting footprint

Firstly, Gala Games lacks a strong emphasis on sports, which is severely limiting.  The largest games in the world are related to sports in one way or another, and the e-sports industry is booming, particularly within the crypto niche.

For football in 2022 alone, Binance has signed Cristiano Ronaldo as a brand sponsor, and Oporto FC as a club sponsor.  The EFL has issued numerous tenders for projects relating to NFTs that can help to improve brand exposure, audience participation, and democratise the management process of football teams.

Partnerships are being established between large metaverses to cater for this explosion in fan-based activity – competitive e-sports are becoming evermore popular with each passing day.  Gala Games does not have any games that cater to this niche, and does not appear to have any in their roadmap.

As a more US-centric platform, it is remiss of them to so nonchalantly disregard this global audience, but it allows for projects like Battle Infinity to capitalise in their place.

Companies such as Footium and Footballnet are already signing brand deals with particular players, clubs and brands.  Not only does this bring more revenue streams in terms of marketing, but it allows for projects to gain far greater exposure.

For context, some of the largest and most notorious whales in crypto (Michael Saylor, Max Keiser, Gavin Wood, Gavin Andresen) consider themselves to be performing fairly well if they are able to accumulate a following in the millions.

For football players and other sports stars, the sky is the limit: Ronaldo has well over 450,000,000 followers on his Instagram, and many of his sporting peers also have a level of fame that is unparalleled in crypto.

Binance’s direct partnerships with many of the aforementioned are hugely beneficial for Battle Infinity, since it makes listings easier and most desirable for both parties, helps brand recognition and association, and opens more doors for interoperability.

Secondly, Gala Games is fundamentally limited thanks to its blockchain of choice: Ethereum.

Gas fees on Ethereum are extremely high and the net effect of this is that far fewer people are able to play, and that the gameplay becomes less enjoyable for those who can afford it.

Gala’s decision to try and alleviate this concern by also launching some of their games on Polygon creates further issues, in that liquidity for GALA is now fractured and when large players want to accumulate they are faced with higher slippage and less predictability.  Battle Infinity, on the other hand, is well-positioned to continue using BNB alone, which has extremely low fees and is extremely fast.

Battle Infinity’s Battle Arena metaverse

Battle Infinity’s Battle Arena metaverse offers a unique selling point that isn’t replicated in Gala Games’ business strategy.

The in-game metaverse  caters for a far greater variety of interoperability and synchronicity between games, and in turn is far truer to some of the more fundamental these of crypto: notably its permissionless and decentralised nature.

Finally, one can rest assured that the team at Battle Infinity are more competent than those at Gala Games, who have already become mired in controversy and accused of “never-ending cash grabs”.

One of the most notorious of these examples included a partnership with influencers @bt and @crypto888crypto, during which time Gala attempted to sell Orbs NFTs using a Dutch Auction.

The fiasco grew completely out of control and Gala netted tens of millions in the process, but their community was absolutely livid thanks to the falling prices and ponzi-esque nature of the programme.

After promising to make the community whole after the cash grab, Gala decided to deliberate and postpone their decision.

After angering so many influential members of their community with their incompetence, Gala decided to simply archive chats that had become “too toxic” for their PR, and reneged on their promises to reimburse their community entirely.

Battle Infinity team is more in touch with their community

By contrast, the team behind Battle Infinity has consistently demonstrated that they understand their community, and regularly holds AMAs to take direct questions.

Gala Games’ recent partnership with Battle Islands is yet another attempt to save what looks like a tainted image, faulty business model, and lack of care for community.

Such practices are common in crypto, but they are not sustainable.

Over time, projects such as Battle Infinity, which are structurally more sound and reputationally less contentious, will seize the day.

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