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A brand new trading intel platform has been gaining momentum in its presale, having now raised $7.5m for thanks to the incredible way it offers users crypto signals.

The collapse of FTX a few weeks ago shocked the cryptocurrency industry and many market participants have decided to leave the industry for good.

After Alameda’s balance sheet was leaked to Coindesk, it became clear that FTX had most likely been taking out huge loans against their FTX token, whose price they had been propping up with loans and customer deposits.

The subsequent collapse of FTX has been one of the largest collapses that the cryptocurrency industry has ever seen.

FTX spurs interest in Dash 2 Trade

Investors who lost a lot thanks to the FTX debacle, particularly those who lost everything because they held funds on the exchange, have been looking for ways to ensure that they don’t fall victim to the same sort of shenanigans again.

For those who held funds on the exchange, the lesson ought to very simple: take personal custody of your assets.

However, the fallout from FTX has caused the entire market to drop significantly in value, and many traders are hoping that they’d known how to manage the entropic dynamic.

Traders who were successfully able to recognise the signs, and took out successful shorts against tokens like FTT and SOL, were able to make large profits from their decisions, and save themselves from a collapsing portfolio.

Dash 2 Trade is a crypto signals and trading platform that has been able to successfully capitalise on the zeitgeist: the project is now in its presale and has been selling out extremely quickly.

Dash 2 Trade is also a home for investors, not just traders

In addition to gathering together a range of different tools for gauging the markets in one place (including technical analysis, social metrics, and on-chain data), and allowing traders to curate their own automated trading strategies, the platform allows for retail investors to participate in presales.

Presales are an opportunity for investors to buy into projects in their early stages, and to compete with venture capitalists in searching for projects in their early stage of growth.

All presales that D2T holders can participate in on the platform will have been heavily vetted by the team and will include detailed information about the team, the tokenomics, and a live roadmap of each project.

Intel platform Dash 2 Trade has now raised $7.5m

The Dash 2 Trade presale has been selling out extremely quickly, and has now managed to raise an impressive $7.5m, meaning that the presale is now 86% through its third stage.

At the fourth stage, the price of the D2T token will rise from $0.05133 to $0.0533, which means that those who wish to acquire Dash 2 Trade tokens at the cheapest possible price ought to head over to the Dash 2 Trade website as soon as possible.

The intel platform is sure to sell out its presale soon, after which time the token will begin trading on a range of both centralised and decentralised exchanges.

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