FTX collapse

The FTX collapse has been a disaster for the cryptocurrency community, and caught many people by surprise.

As one of the most trusted exchanges (and the second largest exchange in the world), many users did not expect companies like FTX and Alameda to implode so badly.

Fortunately for some traders, the entire debacle demonstrated a huge opportunity for the ecosystem, with a range of traders making high returns shorting the token as it fell.

There were clues regarding the FTX

There were many indicators that traders could have looked to in order to understand the direction that FTT was most likely heading, but the majority of these were social indicators and things that were newsworthy, rather than based on technical analysis.

Before the collapse of FTT, short sellers were paying an annualised fee of 2000% in order to be able to profit from the downfall, but given that the token price collapse by over 90% in under 48 hours, those who were fortunate enough to make these trades were extremely profitable.

Dash 2 Trade provides traders with the information they need

Fortunately, the Dash 2 Trade platform brings all of these different things together in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

Not only are traders given a range of detailed information about technical analysis, but they are able to gauge the sentiment of projects that launch via the platform.

Moreover, traders are given access to the latest news that affects projects of note. In the case of the meltdown of FTT, there were several very clear problems that there was to be an upcoming issue with the project, and the news circulated across Twitter like a wildfire.

Dash 2 Trade team continues to form partnerships

The Dash 2 Trade team have continued to form a series of high profile partnerships throughout the ongoing presale, including a collaboration that involves listing on the BitMart exchange.

BitMart is a very popular exchange that regularly processes a high degree of volume, and unlike many of their competitors in the exchange space, which are currently struggling to process withdrawals, BitMart has not experienced any such issues.

The D2T presale is now live

The Dash 2 Trade presale is currently live on their website, with $6.4m having now been successfully raised for the project.

Over the course of the presale, the price that the D2T token is being sold at will gradually increase. Currently, the token is being sold at $0.05133, and will increase to $0.0533 at the next stage.

For those who want to be prepared the next time there is an incident like the FTX collapse – and it is quite certain that there will be more – the Dash 2 Trade platform may be the perfect tool.

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