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The blockchain industry is continuing its direct impact on real-world activities. The latest is the real estate industry, which deals in buying and selling landed and industrial properties. While the industry has existed since the beginning of time, real estate practitioners have continually faced a particular issue – liquidity crunch. With buildings and lands not easily disposable for cash, real estate developers have often found it hard to raise funds on short notice.

However, a new blockchain project is changing the narrative, allowing users to own landed properties in any country of choice. These properties are tokenized as shares and can be sold anytime the user wants cash. The project is newly launched Metropoly.

Real Estate’s High Entry Barrier

The real estate sector is one of the largest investment classes in the world. With trillions of dollars worth of properties being traded, the space is known for its relative stability and passive income opportunities.

Nevertheless, the real estate landscape today is also flawed in certain areas. Among its issues is that opportunities and properties aren’t equally available to investors. Anyone looking to access the highest-value assets and properties will need to invest significant capital. This isn’t always convenient for everyday retail investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

A new blockchain-based platform, Metropoly, aims to change this. The platform functions as a decentralized real estate platform, allowing investors to buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing real estate properties. These NFTs can be sold and traded in seconds, with Metropoly aiming to maximize market liquidity.

Metropoly’s Solution

One of Metropoly’s many goals is to improve investors access to real estate. Thanks to fractionalized NFTs, the platform makes it easy for investors to access and buy properties, no matter the value. For as low as $100, an average investor can become a major real estate investor.

The platform also optimizes liquidity by providing a faster and more seamless way to purchase properties. Instead of waiting for days to complete a real estate sale, Metropoly handles these transactions in minutes. It eliminates red tape and middlemen, allowing investors to immediately find and purchase properties on its platform.

All of the NFTs available on Metropoly are based on real-world properties and have been vetted and verified by both independent contractors and the Metropoly team. As a result, anyone who purchases these properties can be confident that they are legitimate.

Aside from optimizing liquidity and accessibility, Metropoly strives to make real estate ownership as straightforward as possible. For instance, the platform ensures that investors can easily earn from their properties without doing anything.

The Metropoly team manages properties that are already established and expected to generate revenue. They are responsible for maintaining the properties, collecting rent, and paying investors in USDC. So, all an investor needs to do is put up the money required to purchase the property.

The Metropoly Ecosystem is built on four pillars – the Marketplace, the Launchpad, the Mortgage Platform, and the DAO.

Real Estate NFTs are bought and sold in the Marketplace, and users can also put them up for auction at a lower-than-market price or put them on Emergency Sale. The emergency sale allows them to sell the NFT at 75% of its original value, and 25% of the net profits generated go to charitable organizations.

The launchpad is a way to reward Metropoly Platinum Members who are early adopters. These individuals have first access to Real Estate Mints at a 5% discount off the listing price. NFT holders can use the mortgage platform to leverage their NFTs as collateral and borrow against them.

Finally, the fourth pillar, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), allows Metropoly to democratize the Real Estate Space by enabling NFT holders to make important decisions regarding the platform and listed properties.


Metropoly’s operations revolve primarily around its native token, METRO. The digital asset, which is currently available on presale, powers all transactions in the Metropoly ecosystem. In addition, METRO ownership grants holders access to the Metropoly decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

The asset’s presale has been impressive thus far, with over $567,000 raised. This indicates 57% of its minimum capital raise goal. The presale is moving quickly, and value-seeking investors are advised to get in now as this could be the next big thing.


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