tamadoge over 3 millin in presale

The Tamadoge meme coin play-to-earn juggernaut games project keeps on rolling – the second tranche of its presale has sold out, fast.

100 million tokens were sold at the rate of 1 USDT to 80 TAMA before the price rose to 66.7 TAMA for the current tranche that has just started.

At the time of writing $3,3 million has been invested in the Tamadoge presale. To contribute you must pay for the TAMA tokens with ETH or USDT, but there is also a fiat currency option.

The price of Tamadoge will keep increasing for each tranche until all 1 billion tokens on offer in the presale have been sold.

Tamadoge is conducting a fair sale, so there is 50% of total supply up for grabs, there has been no private sale and there is no vesting period for presale investors.

Such is the excitement the coin is generating, the Twitter account already has 43,000 followers, with more than 23,0000 on Telegram.

Buy TAMA now for 1 USDT/66.7 TAMA before price rises to 57

There are currently around 96 million tokens left in the current round of token sales. On current form they will likely be gone in a matter of days and the price will then rise to 1 USDT = 57.14 TAMA.

Investors doing their due diligence will be pleased to note that the project has been KYC’d by Coinsniper and the contract is audited by German crypto security specialists Solid Proof.

Tamadoge is a Play-toEarn games platform in which players bring up a Tamadoge Pet by nurturing it from minting – they are  NFTs – to adulthood.

Players are rewarded for the amount of time they spend looking after their pet but rewards are also based on skilful gameplay – avoiding the boredom factor that afflicted Axie Infinity.

To that end, you can battle with your pet as you watch the best fighters rise up the leaderboard. Your pet will get stronger and more skilful the more effort you put into their upbringing.

Also, in contrast to Axie, Tamadoge has a deflationary economy, so there will not be the inflation issues that hurt the Sky Mavis-owned project.

Tamadoge roadmap – Petstore coming in Q4 2022, seeking Metaverse partnerships Q1 2023

The Tamadoge Petstore – where you can buy food, clothes and cosmetic items for your pet – and the the battle Leaderboard and P2E leaderboard are due to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Rumours that there are some big cheeses – does Elon Musk want a Tamadoge pet? – backing the project seem to be borne out by the speed at which Tamadoge has reached the $3 million mark; it has taken the project barely three weeks to raise that amount from eager investors.

Early next year the team, according to the roadmap, will be seeking out partnerships with metaverse platforms.

tamadoge roadmap

Each Tamadoge pet will have a 3D avatar version that will plug into a variety of possible metaverse virtual worlds. Tamadoge represents what could be described as a new breed of meme coin that has real utility.

The trend to add functionality to meme coins has been a little late in coming, but projects such as Shiba Inu are now belatedly attempting to do just that, although progress is patchy.

Still, Shiba Inu does now have a decentralised exchange and a games is reportedly in testing in Vietnam, but all this is a far cry from the P2E metaverse vision of Tamadoge.

By the end of next year, Tamadoge will be offering its Augmented reality mobile app, so that looking after your pet will be close to hand.

Tamadoge pitching to the mass market of casual gamers

Tamadoge has cleverly looked to focus on casual gamers and if its website is anything to go by, is developing an ecosystem that will be attractive and accessible to that audience.

Consultants McKinsey recently penned a report that said the metaverse will be a $4 trillion investment opportunity by 2030. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Tamadoge if only mildly successful could end up being a business worth billions of dollars.

However, with NFT technology set to be at the centre of the metaverse by enabling interoperability and seamless and secure value exchange, Tamadoge could turn petting into a monster of a business.

That’s an opportunity that could be too good to miss – or at any rate that is what buyers in the presale are presumably thinking. Tamadoge could very easily be the next Dogecoin in terms of returns of 10,000s times.

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