Gods Unchained was one of the most revolutionary games in the crypto space. However, as gamers constantly search for more exciting titles, Calvaria presents a healthy and profitable alternative.

Take Ownership of Your Collectible NFT Trading Cards

As one of the first blockchain games, Gods Unchained gave players non-fungible token trading cards that they could use to battle other players. These cards proved highly profitable, making it possible for players to own them and truly make returns.

However, Calvaria is developing a new structure that players will find even more attractive. The platform allows players to battle in different venues and arenas in an afterlife-themed universe. The objective is to build a much better deck than the opponent, using the characters’ strengths and a proper strategy to win. Users can build NFT decks with collectible trading cards representing different characters in this game.

Calvaria also has an in-app NFT marketplace where tokens can be traded using its native RIA token. As expected, players who win battles get to earn tokens as rewards.

What Makes Calvaria So Special?

Calvaria’s developers recognized some of the challenges faced by traditional blockchain games. Firstly, these games tend to have a high barrier to entry; either a player purchases NFTs to gain entry or ends up falling out because the games are too technical.

To fix this, they created an easy-to-play title that requires little to no technical knowledge. Calvaria’s availability on iOS and Android also means that the game will be open to all globally.

RIA – The Token That Rules Here

Calvaria’s operations are primarily denominated in RIA. However, it also has some intrinsic value. Like other blockchain gaming tokens, the digital asset helps facilitate NFT transactions in the in-app marketplace.

As a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin, RIA can be staked. This means that investors can lock their coins in the gaming engine to earn even more.

Also, staking RIA offers access to Calvaria’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The DAO controls everything that has to do with the game, voting on proposals and upgrades.

RIA Available On Presale

Right now, RIA is available on presale. It has thus far been one of the most successful presales of the past few months, with three stages selling out. Although RIA started at a unit price of $0.010, it now trades at $0.025. This means that early investors have already earned over 100% returns.

The digital asset is expected to trade at $0.055 at the end of RIA’s ten-stage presale. Investors who join now can still earn returns of over 100%.

Calvaria’s developers have also secured partnerships to list the token on LBank and MEXC once the presale ends. Thus, investors can sell their tokens if they wish conveniently.

Experts believe its presale will provide a massive gain opportunity. Buy 40.00 $RIA for 1 USDT now.

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