$FOMO has rallied over 45,000% in the past month, joining the ranks of numerous parody coins that have experienced substantial growth within a short timeframe.

Despite the interest in this meme token, savvy investors may want to exercise caution and refrain from jumping in.

This is due to several red flags associated with the project, suggesting it be just another honeypot scam to defraud investors.

However, investors can explore $THUG, $WSM, and $BONE. These coins boast strong fundamentals and unique concepts, providing a more reliable and lucrative investment opportunity.

FOMO for the Culture

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a concept that captures the feeling investors have when trading assets.

Instead of undertaking meticulous research before buying an asset, they allow the general sentiment from others to direct their decisions with no tangible logic backing this choice.

In most cases, investors who FOMO into a trade unprepared often buy at the top and ride the chart down to a net negative, resulting in significant losses.

$FOMO, a meme coin designed for the culture, aims to capture the human emotions frequently deployed in trading decisions.

On the token’s description page, $FOMO is described as a meme coin aiming to spark a new trend in the crypto space.

This is quite a unique take and shows that the anonymous team behind it is looking at tapping into already extant investor sentiment, much like other meme projects such as Pepe-the-frog.

However, beyond its astounding 45,000% surge over the past 30 days, there is little else available for savvy investors to base a cogent decision on. This aligns with the nature of the FOMO trend itself.

At press time, the $FOMO asset posts a daily increase of 545.64% and trades at $0.000011.

The bullish momentum is further reflected in its seven-day performance, which stands at an impressive 1,240.37%. Its 24-hour trading volume also demonstrates a strong bullish trend, with a remarkable 25,927% increase.

Despite these promising indicators, the $FOMO chart lacks strong fundamental support.

The project lacks a clear core idea and roadmap. Additionally, there is no information about the project team, and the meme token has been blacklisted on the DEXTools platform.

Further adding wrinkles to its stellar price performance is that the project’s token balance is modifiable from its self-reported 50 billion $FOMO assets.

This means holders could easily see their assets lose value once the project team releases more tokens.

Given these uncertainties and the limited information available, investors should exercise caution and refrain from joining the wave of meme gains.

Instead, it may be prudent to focus on our top meme picks for the coming weeks.

Thug Life ($THUG): Baller’s Meme Coin

Thug Life, a recently launched meme project, aims to capture the hustling lifestyle of the early 90s as espoused by hip-hop stars of the period.

The innovative project is looking to create a movement that promotes unity of mind and soul, humor, and brotherhood for everyone.

The project offers a platform where investors who have fallen victim to honeypot scam projects can turn their supposed misfortune into profitable opportunities.

As with any emerging concept, the crypto space is still in its early stages of development, which unfortunately means numerous bad actors are operating within it.

Investors risk encountering such actors and potentially losing their hard-earned funds. However, with the Thug Life token, $THUG, these losses or mistakes can be converted into profits.

Thug Life embodies the vibrant hustle culture that characterizes the crypto space, resonating with many individuals.

$THUG is currently on presale and boasts one of the shortest presale periods in crypto market history. The project team aims to raise approximately $2,058,000 from investors in its presale.

At press time, the $THUG token has raised over $694,000 out of the hard-cap limit of $2,058,000.

Early investors can get the baller’s meme coin token for a low value of $0.0007 before it ends in eight days.

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Wall Street Memes: Movement for the Retail Investor Revolution

Crypto projects are evolving beyond simple value transfer mechanisms and are now tokenizing belief systems and movements.

A prime example of this is Wall Street Memes, which tokenizes the GameStop saga of 2021 through a collection of popular infinite financial memes.

The project team has been one of the strong backers of the events that unfolded in 2021.

The team sees this meme project as the ultimate expression of the internet’s triumph over rampant capitalism, which has dominated the traditional financial system.

Through its memes, the project creates an avenue for retail investors to profit from coins typically considered worthless.

This belief system has rapidly gained traction, with over 1 million individuals embracing Wall Street Memes.

Moreover, the project has garnered over 400 million impressions online, and Elon Musk is an avid admirer. Additionally, the project has launched a new NFT collection called Wall Street Ordinals on the Bitcoin network.

The project team was behind the successful Wall Street Bulls digital collection of 2021, which sold out in under 32 minutes on the Ethereum blockchain. Their foray into Bitcoin showcases their adaptability to market trends.

Many crypto experts consider Wall Street Memes as the next king of memes, with the potential to secure a listing on a tier-1 exchange in a short time.

Currently in the presale stage, the project has received overwhelming support for its native token, $WSM, raising over $13.4 million from eager investors.

The token is currently priced at $0.0313, with an upcoming price hike to $0.0316 in three days.

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$BONE: ShibaSwap DEX Native Token

Bone ShibaSwap, represented by the ticker symbol BONE, functions as the native token for the ShibaSwap decentralized exchange (DEX) platform.

ShibaSwap operates as a DEX protocol that facilitates the exchange of $SHIB tokens for LEASH and $BONE tokens.

As an integral component of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, $BONE plays a unique role as a governance token.

Holders of $BONE have the privilege to vote on key governance proposals and earn rewards for locking up the virtual asset.

In addition, the native token acts as the middle link to the popular Dogecoin killer.

$BONE has been one of the key beneficiaries of the change in sentiment on the broader market.

At press time, the meme token has rallied 18.73% in the last day and is trading at $1.37.

Its weekly performance is also bullish, with 46.17% growth experienced. Meanwhile, its monthly gain has ascended 70.27%, making it a viable alternative to buy instead of the $FOMO token.

Wall Street Memes (WSM) - Newest Meme Coin

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