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Over the course of the last few years there have been many variations on different models for distributing tokens, and each can incentivise users of a particular platform to act in slightly different ways to reap their rewards. Now, a new contender is entering the space with a goal to use blockchains to transform the fitness industry.

Many play to earn ecosystems, such as Axie Infinity, have flourished thanks to the rewards that they are able to offer to those who play in their ecosystems.

Now the “move to earn” trend is taking the crypto space by storm, as innovative teams recognise that they can incentivise people to exercise and lead healthier lifestyles by rewarding them for doing so.

FightOut is turning heads in the fitness space

Unlike Stepn, which was one of the first movers in the “move to earn” space, FightOut is a more mature project that is focused on bringing far more to the table.

In addition to a focus on rewarding people in the digital sphere with an exciting new way to get healthy and to be rewarded in more ways than one, the team at FightOut are also working to build their own physical gyms in the real world.

Attendance of these gyms is certainly not compulsory, nor a prerequisite for using the platform, but

Furthermore, the team at FightOut have already managed to sign an impressive number of deals for brand ambassadors.

Thus far, they have signed four brand ambassadors, which include athletes, influencers and professional martial artists.

Level up your metaverse avatar

Everyone who exercises through the FightOut platform will have their exercises tracked and recorded in real time, and will be able to earn points and FGHT tokens for doing so.

Individuals will have the chance to level up their metaverse avatars, which will earn gradually more impressive statistics the more time that one spends exercising.

This focus on fitness is a stark contrast from many of the other areas of the industry, which is often responsible for people spending far too many times sat behind their office chairs.

The FightOut presale has now raised $2.3m

FightOut is currently in its presale, which is a great time for investors to participate if they are interested in accumulating a position at the lowest possible price.

There are extra incentives in this presale for those who choose to accumulate more tokens, with a 10% token bonus for those who buy more than $500 at a time and a 25% token bonus for those who buy more than $50,000 at a time.

For those who want to capitalise on the fitness boom in blockchains, FightOut may be the one of the best options.

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