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Despite the harsh market conditions in 2022, the play to earn segment of the market has continued to gain traction, and in particular the “move to earn” phenomenon has continued to gain steam.

Projects such as Stepn pioneered the very early days of “move to earn”, but it is still early days for a type of gameplay that has the potential to revolutionise the health and fitness industry.

The ability for project founders to use blockchains to incentivise their communities to lead a healthier lifestyle is a huge positive, and there is a lot of value for blockchain projects to capture in the space.

FightOut is changing the “move to earn” space for the better

There are many different directions that the “move to earn” space is taking, and many of them are focused on health and fitness.

However, FightOut aims to outcompete the rest by orders of magnitude by innovating in a variety of sectors that no other move to earn project has done before.

Their mobile app acts as a personal trainer, and records one’s exercises so that they can be rewarded in the FGHT and REPS tokens.

A string of important brand ambassadors

The team at FightOut recognise that to stand out in the crypto space, and particularly in the fitness space, it is important to prove that one has the right connections in the space.

Furthermore, it is important to have a series of strong brand ambassadors with good reputations and a good following in order to ensure that the project can continue to garner interest amongst the health and fitness community.

Thus far, the team have managed to onboard a series of high profile ambassadors such as the MMA fighers Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos, as well as the boxer Savannah Marshall and the fitness influencer Tremayne Dortch.

fightout ambassadors move to earn

FightOut are building 20 gyms

The team at FightOut believe that it is important to bridge the divide between the physical world and the digital world, and for this reason the platform does not depend entirely on the Fight Companion mobile app.

Those who wish to be healthy and fit with the FightOut platform can attend one of the many real life gyms that the team are building around the world, with the first gym scheduled to be acquired in Q1 of 2023.

Attendance at these gyms is not compulsory, but is a great way to participate in the FightOut community and to make use of all the best that the company has to offer.

Get a 50% token bonus in the presale

Participate in the presale now – $2.4m raised

The FightOut presale has been selling out extremely quickly over the course of the last few weeks, and has now managed to raise an impressive $2.4m.

There are a variety of incentives for participating in the presale, and a range of benefits for those who do choose to participate at such an early stage in the project – presales have historically been one of the best ways for investors to find outsized returns on early stage projects.

The FightOut token is currently being sold at a rate of $0.0166, but this is to double at the next stage of the presale, once more than $5m has been raised.

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