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After revealing a revamped presale bonus scheme earlier this week, Fight Out has now launched another way for investors to earn additional tokens.

The move-to-earn project, which has now raised $4.5 million during its presale, has released a referral program that allows investors to earn an additional 5% for introducing others to the project.

It follows on from news last week that Fight Out is now offering up to 67% to presale investors in bonus FGHT tokens, triggered by different purchases and the time chosen to vest tokens.

Fight Out has been drawing huge attention since its launch with its app set to revolutionize the M2E and fitness worlds.

Fight Out Launches Referral Program and Revamped Bonuses

The Fight Out presale is racing towards its finish on March 31 and investors are able to earn huge bonuses between now and then.

The revamped bonus scheme will allow investors to earn up to an extra 67% on their purchased FGHT tokens.

fight out bonuses new

Purchases under $500 or with a 0-month vesting period will not see any bonus. However, a purchase above $500 will trigger a 10% bonus and a 3-month vesting period triggers another 10%.

They are then activated in intervals with a maximum 67% earned by purchasing more than $50,000 of FGHT (25%) and choosing to lock tokens for the full 36 months (42%).

Holders can generate a unique referral code and earn 5% extra for other investors who use their code when purchasing.

Early investors will be airdropped 10% extra FGHT to their holdings.
FGHT tokens increase in price every 12 hours to a max of $0.0333 at the end of March. The tokens will then be listed for their IEO on April 5, with numerous CEXs and DEXs already confirming listings such is the interest in the project.

Uniswap, BKEX, LBank and BitFinex are among the exchanges that will list FGHT.

There is a max supply of 10 billion FGHT, with 9% allocated to the presale, 4.5% ot the bonus scheme and 10% to exchanges. The remaining tokens are unlocked over five years and will be used to fund the growth of the project.

What is Fight Out?

Fight Out is set to revolutionize the M2E world through its new fitness app allowing users to earn rewards for completing workouts.

The app creates a digital fitness profile that is upgraded when users exercise. Fight Out uses smart technology to track movement, effort, sleep and nutrition to build the avatar, then tailor individual workout regimes.

That makes it suitable for everyone from fitness beginners to pro athletes, with the app also providing quick and easy access to top-level coaching, classes and quality instructional videos.

Users earn REPS – a second, off-chain token – for completing their workouts, which can then be used to get discounts on app subscriptions, book coaching and personal training sessions, or purchase training equipment.

FIght Out also has a major metaverse aspect, with a user’s avatar totally customizable and additional REPS earned by users putting themselves against each other in daily, weekly and monthly challenges.

The project has been developed by a doxxed and KYC-verified team, with the FGHT token smart contract audited by Certik.

More information and the latest news on the project can be found in the Fight Out Telegram group.