Fight Out

Fight Out aims to be the biggest combat token in the crypto industry. The platform is planning to award a $1 million prize to the upcoming UFC 300 wagerer who made the most precise bets.

The addition of a live betting option to Fight Out will make it more engaging and motivating, as users will be able to wager on live games such as the one between Jake Paul and Furry.

The project’s popularity keeps rising, and the metaverse game has reached a new presale milestone after raising $5.39 million.

Fight Out Offers a $1,000,000 Fantasy Payout for UFC 300

Fight Out has partnered with the UFC and MMA to make the metaverse more entertaining. The platform already has elite athletes from the boxing and mixed martial arts scenes, including UFC fighter Amanda Ribas and champion boxer Savannah Marshall.

The move-to-earn and play-to-earn platform will also include a live betting feature, allowing users to bet on live matches.

Fight Out has recently made plans to drop a fantasy payout of $1 million for the upcoming UFC 300. The UFC card may involve legendary fighter Jim Miller and other important names being mentioned like Conor McGregor and BrockLesnar.

The Metaverse’s interest in combat sports has grown since the most recent match between Paul and Furry.

The app will have another screen where users can alternately watch live combat matches and place bets on them.

Players can create their fantasy squads and cheer them on while they play. Also, they can compete against their preferred MMA or UFC champion and win prizes.

Fight Out: The Play-to-Earn Game With the Fastest Growth

Fight Out is looking to create an environment where players can test their physical prowess in reality while having fun and feeling safe – it also encourages players and other people to exercise and lead healthier lives.

Users participate using “soulbound” NFT avatars with stats and skills based on their real-world experience and exploits. They are also rewarded for their accomplishments.

According to a report from Statista’s Advertising & Media Markets Insights, the metaverse will generate $490 billion globally by 2030. This prediction is rather moderate, as some research firms predict a market size of 750 billion to 1,700 billion dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg recently shared a video of himself and UFC featherweight champion Volkanovski sparring in the metaverse.

The two men used motion capture outfits and MMA gloves to throw punches and kicks and even wrestle as live-action actors and animated figures in the Metaverse.

The fighter is scheduled to square off against lightweight champion Islam Makhachev at UFC 284 on Saturday night in Perth.

The founder of Facebook is a well-known MMA enthusiast who discussed his passion for the sport with UFC great Joe Rogan on his hugely successful show.

The popularity of combat sports in the universe keeps rising, and Fight Out is out to get the lion’s share.

Invest in FGHT and Earn Rewards

Contrary to a typical workout, the Fight Out system gives participants off-chain REPS tokens that can be converted into FGHT tokens in exchange for consistency and growth.

FGHT can be accumulated, traded, or used to purchase in-app items and extra services, which can also be used to purchase digital products in the Fight Out marketplace.

The project recently crossed a milestone after raising about $5.39 million from investors.

At press time, the FGHT token sells for $0.028. Investors can purchase the token using credit cards, ETH, or USDT as payment methods.

However, they should ensure they have a MetaMask wallet installed on their PCs or a Trust Wallet on their mobile devices to connect to the platform.

However, the token’s price increases every week until March 31st, when it will sell for $0.0333.

Investors who make purchases during the presale have the opportunity to receive up to 67% more $FGHT tokens as a reward.

This is determined by the number of $FGHT tokens purchased and the vesting period length, which can range from 0 to 36 months.

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