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FGHT, the native token for the Fight Out move-to-earn platform, has now raised over $3.6 million in one of the strongest presales in the market. By purchasing the asset, investors can receive up to a 50% token bonus if they choose the longest vesting schedules possible.

How to Get a 50% Bonus During the FGHT Token Presale

Fight Out is offering investors up to 50% more tokens during stage 1 of its token presale. The platform offers two separate bonuses of up to 25% each, one for the purchase price and one for the vesting period.

To receive the full 50%, an investor would need to purchase $50,000 in FGHT tokens and then lock them for 24 months.

With FGHT costing $0.0166 per token (60.06 FGHT = $1 USDT), the investor would purchase approximately 3 million tokens but receive an additional 1.5 million – 750,000 for the higher purchase amount and the same for the longer locking period.

What Is Fight Out?

Fight Out is a blockchain-based project looking to transform the fitness and health industry by incentivizing users to move and chase their fitness goals. By rewarding them with tokens and other perks, the platform provides a good reason for people to get more active.

The Fight Out project also aims to make fitness more enjoyable and interactive by utilizing a wide range of Web3 tools and concepts that should increase user engagement. This way, it will appeal to anyone looking to get in shape and achieve their fitness goals.

The Fight Out app will include all the platform’s most important components and will be at the heart of its operations. Training will begin here, with the app allowing users to select their fitness goals and create training plans.

Fight Out ensures that users can work on different parts of their overall fitness, including core strength, cardio, muscular endurance, mental and technical strength. In addition, the app offers access to several wellness-based fitness programs, even allowing users to customize the different types of workouts they can engage in to meet their needs.

When new users register, they will be able to choose between different forms of membership and even get a 50% discount when they make payments using the platform’s FGHT token.

Fight Out uses its innovative technology to track users’ vitals and progress. The platform tracks everything from the progress made with workouts to important metrics like nutritional intake and sleep time. As more progress is made with fitness, users are rewarded with tokens.

Rewards for Participation

The primary difference between Fight Out and other move-to-earn platforms is that it focuses on more than just activity metrics. It tracks user movements during different classes, cardio, and weight exercises.

When the platform detects improvements in overall fitness, it rewards users with the REPS token. The token can be used to buy items from the Fight Out online store, such as fitness shoes, supplements, jerseys, and fitness courses. They can also obtain subscription discounts and remote consultations with fitness experts and trainers.

Going forward, Fight Out’s developers are also looking to create gyms where members will be able to come in and get physically active. These gyms will feature health bars with shakes, snacks, and other nutritious meals. Users will also be able to interact with personal trainers to make their classes and sessions more effective.

This platform is also expected to have a metaverse iteration where users can choose their avatars and explore various activities. They can show their stats, engage with other users, and even participate in competitions and tournaments where they can earn different prizes.

FGHT Token Available Now

The FGHT token powers all of Fight Out’s operations. The digital asset can be used to pay for subscriptions, earn discounts, and be exchanged for REPS.

In addition, the token is a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin that can be staked to earn passive income as well as additional discounts and perks from the platform.

FGHT is currently available through its presale. The crypto asset is available to investors for just $0.01825. And, with FGHT having already raised an impressive $3.6 million from its presale, it’s safe to say that investor demand for this asset is steadily increasing.

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