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Fight Out is an upcoming move to earn fitness platform that aims to merge fitness, gaming, and blockchain technology to create an engaging and rewarding experience for its users. The platform will provide a fresh perspective on fitness by gamifying the process and making it more fun, addictive, and socially rewarding.

Gamification of Fitness

Sticking to a consistent fitness routine is one of the biggest challenges of fitness industry. Fight Out offers an easy way for users to overcome this challenge by competing in virtual leagues, tournaments, and contests, and rewards them for their physical activity.

By using the move to earn (M2E) fitness app during their workouts at home or at the gym, users can earn REPS tokens for their physical activity, which can be redeemed for discounts on app subscriptions, gym memberships, personal training sessions, and merchandise.

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Web3-Powered Gyms

The platform plans to launch physical gyms worldwide, equipped with the most modern equipment available, while providing Web3-powered features like digital mirrors displaying the user’s fitness app profile and sensors tracking workouts for virtual coaching. The first of these gyms is set to open in the second quarter of 2023, with additional locations planned for other major cities around the world.

This move is a clear indication of the move to earn fitness app’s commitment to moving the fitness industry forward by providing users with a smooth experience that integrates both physical and digital aspects of fitness.

Fantasy Sports Game

Fight Out’s fantasy sports game allows users to create virtual teams of fighters and bet on the outcome and stats of real-life fights. The game combines with the move to earn fitness app and gym chain to create an integrated fitness and training platform centered around community, rewards, and engagement.

To enter leagues, tournaments and special contest modes to win glory, titles and claim the lion’s share of the prize pools, users can use $FGHT, the platform’s native token. This approach of rewarding users for their physical activity is a significant departure from traditional fitness programs that often lack incentives for users to stay engaged and motivated.

To buy $FGHT tokens, users can follow the instructions provided on the platform’s website. They will need to set up a digital wallet, verify their identity, and then make a purchase using a supported cryptocurrency such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

NFT Avatars and In-App Store

In an interesting move, Fight Out allows users to bring their real-life physicality into a game with them by minting their own NFT avatar when creating an account. Users can train in real life to progress their avatar’s stats and earn special achievements. Their avatar’s performance in the Fight Out gaming ecosystem is directly impacted by the user’s training style, making it crucial to maintain a consistent fitness routine.

Fight Out’s in-app store is filled with high-quality NFTs and exclusive real-world items as well as experiences, giving users more incentive to keep engaging with the platform. Users can purchase cosmetic NFTs to style their avatar or upgrade with additional abilities and perks as well.

Ambassador Program and Potential for Growth

With plans to launch Web3-powered move to earn gyms worldwide and an in-depth ambassador program in 2023, Fight Out’s holistic approach to fitness and use of Web3 technology has been in the spotlight for a lot of investors. Users can also become ambassadors for the platform and will be given access to exclusive rewards and perks, with the opportunity to earn additional $FGHT tokens for promoting the platform to their networks.

Fight Out’s unique approach to combat sports has proven to be an advantage for the platform. By allowing users to bet on real-life fights and engage in virtual fights with their avatars, the move to earn fitness app offers unique experiences for combat sports enthusiasts.

The blockchain is designed to provide a more decentralized, secure, and transparent approach to online transactions and Fight Out is taking full advantage of this technology. By using Web3 technology, Fight Out ensures the safety and protection of their users’ data and rewards.

Fight Out’s has an incredible potential for growth and evolution to meet the needs of its users thanks to the platform’s scalable and adaptable design. The platform’s roadmap shows the launch of a public sale in Q3 2023, which will allow more investors to participate in the project.

Move to Earn Investment Opportunities

Investors have already shown significant interest in the move to earn fitness app’s presale, which has raised over $5.2 million via its $FGHT cryptocurrency. Fight Out offers early investors up to 67% bonus during the presale.

For those looking to invest in the future of fitness app and gaming, Fight Out’s presale provides a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a platform that has a high chance of success given the growing market it’s entering.

Transparency, Fairness, and Security

By addressing the challenges often associated with traditional gyms, Fight Out’s move to earn fitness app is well-positioned to become a major player in the world of fitness and combat sports. With its focus on transparency, fairness, and scalability, the platform offers a new and exciting way to engage with physical activity, earn rewards ,and participate in fighting sports.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the need for innovative approaches to fitness and sports is more critical than ever. With its use of Web3 technology, Fight Out is setting a new standard for transparency, fairness, and security in the fitness industry, making it a promising investment opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on the future of fitness and gaming.

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