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The play to earn space has been growing consistently over the course of the last few years. Thanks to the unique set of incentives that exist within play to earn infrastructure, projects that have a good product market fit are able to scale incredibly quickly, with examples such as Axie Infinity in the last bull market being one of the assets that appreciated the fastest throughout the entire cycle.

Meta Masters is the fastest growing play to earn guild

Meta Masters Guild is currently one of the fastest growing play to earn projects in the entire cryptocurrency space, and has currently managed to raise an impressive $1.34m at their presale.

This is hugely impressive, and demonstrates that there is a keen interest in the project moving forward.

Race karts in the metaverse

Meta Masters Guild aims to differentiate itself from other gaming guilds by creating its own games. Usually, a gaming guild is designed simply to lower the barrier to play to earn games by working with gamers and splitting revenue generated, but Meta Masters Guild is also to be creating their own games for their community.

The first game that the Meta Masters Guild is creating is one in which their community can race karts in the metaverse against one another in order to win prizes denominated in MEMAG tokens.

Each participant has to choose between three different factions: cyber, punks and apes, and races on behalf of their faction against the others in a game that spans both mobile and desktop in an attempt to revolutionise the space of play to earn gaming.

Win $100k in MEMAG tokens

The team at Meta Masters Guild have decided that they want to reward their community for their participation in the project, and are to be rewarding them with $100k in MEMAG tokens.

All that one has to do in order to be eligible is to participate in the presale and to hold MEMAG tokens in one’s wallet at the time of the prize draw.

Participate in the presale before the next price rise

Those who wish to participate in the presale can now do so on the Meta Masters Guild website, where the presale has been selling out extremely quickly.

The MEMAG presale is now in its third stage, and has been selling out extraordinarily quickly thanks to the high degree of interest that the community has shown for the project.

Currently, the price of the token stands at $0.013, but this is scheduled to rise to $0.016 at the next stage, and will have risen to $0.023 by the final stage.

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