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Fight Out ($FGHT) has surged to become the overall best crypto project as it gravitates towards the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming ecosystem and offers crypto rewards for keeping fit.

As of press time, the blockchain-based gaming platform has already raised over $5.58 million in presale investment, with buyers flocking to secure the $FGHT asset before the presale ends on March 31.

However, there’s more to this fast-rising digital asset.

Fight Out: The New Fitness and Gaming Sphere Propeller

Most projects in the crypto market have garnered toward the innovative train-to-earn (T2E) system, where participants are rewarded for completing fitness tasks.

However, the Fight Out project asserts to disrupt the medieval industry by providing users with T2E and play-to-earn (P2E) capabilities.

Users will no longer be limited to T2E rewards; rather, they can participate in the metaverse gaming world via unique non-fungible token (NFT) avatars that mirror all physical features.

The fitness-gaming project seeks to be the gateway between users and the Web3 and metaverse world.

Fight Out aims to deliver a revolutionary ecosystem where users are paid for keeping fit and participating in diverse gaming experiences.

The versatile project is tipped to be the major catalyst for the revolution of the fitness and gaming sector due to its unique integration of the train-to-earn mechanics into its entertaining play-to-earn games.

The Fight Out ecosystem participants compete using their unique “Soulbound” NFT avatars with skills and statistics infused with real-world experience and abilities.

To further provide fitness guides to participants, Fight out has integrated top-tier fighting champions like Armada Ribas and Tailar Santos from the Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) competition.

Savannah Marshal, a mixed martial arts champion, and Tremayne Dortch, a popular fitness blogger, have joined forces to support the fitness web3 venture and create tutorial fitness videos that participants can access seamlessly.

Train and Earn – It’s That Simple

Powered by its utility blockchain technology, Fight Out tracks and rewards all types of athletic exercise, putting participants on a quest to become the ultimate fighter.

By deploying a myriad of innovative metrics via a robust mobile application with an in-built measurement unit, the gaming project tracks users’ powerlifting progress, walks, and many more.

This is also followed by its secondary P2E ecosystem that puts members in thrilling game modes and competitions.

To start, users are required to create an account and mint their own NFT avatars and compete. Each avatar is a permanent digital representation of users’ progress, a perfect embodiment of hard work.

Users can hit the fitness and gaming ground running with no start-up cost, as earnings are strictly based on fitness achievements and game tasks completed.

As the avatar’s physique and stats level surge higher based on real-world achievements in the gym, users are rewarded with $REPS tokens – a redeemable crypto token that can be traded for $FGHT and used for training tutorials subscriptions and in-app purchases in the Fight Out marketplace.

In a nutshell, Fight Out is designed to infuse total gamification of training and unlock a brand-new fitness revolution for generations challenged by inactivity.

With its vibrant ecosystem, the gaming project aims to develop a social stage for competitive tasks to earn $REPS.

Invest in $FGHT – The Biggest Presale in 2023

$FGHT is the native token of the gaming ecosystem that powers all transactions, governance, and staking.

As of press time, the digital asset has hit another milestone, surpassing $5.58 million in presale investment, indicating strong interest from global investors.

The game project has integrated stellar bonus schemes as added means of earnings for prospective investors.

Participants are offered 5% referral link offers and extra tokens totaling 67% more than was previously purchased.

This also follows the announcement that early investors will receive a 10% early supporter boost, exclusive NFTs, and access to the latest ecosystem potential upgrades and development.

To participate and earn a massive return on investment in the future, investors must purchase up to $50,000 worth of $FGHT and hold them for a minimum of 36 months.

Fight Out has added a new vesting tier for profit-hungry investors uninterested in any lock-up period – in exchange for the 36-month lock-up period, there is an added 42% allocation of all contributions.

Investors must invest now to earn nominal profit as the utility gaming project draws near its penultimate presale stage.

$FGHT is currently priced at $0.03090 before reaching a maximum of $0.0333 USDT, also the listing price for its centralized exchange (CEX) launch.

The presale ends on March 31, followed by its first CEX listing scheduled for April 5. The project development team has announced that the digital asset will be listed on seven exchanges, including BitForex, DigiFinex, Uniswap,, LBank, BKEX, and Changelly Pro.

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