As a play-to-earn (P2E) game, Calvaria provides an excellent opportunity for investors to profit while utilizing the most innovative gaming platform available. With only 22% of the RIA tokens still available, this is the perfect time to buy.

P2E Gaming’s new Golden Child

Calvaria is a new play-to-earn gaming product that has a massive potential to grow significantly over the next few months. The game is already in production and is generating massive interest, especially with its presale.

In Calvaria, players are transported to a metaverse platform where they will be able to purchase non fungible token (NFT) trading cards. These cards come in handy as players build trading card decks and use them to battle other players. The objective is simple; be the last player standing, and enjoy massive gains.

Calvaria’s ecosystem is comprised of two tokens: eRIA and RIA. RIA is obtained through the Calvaria presale, whereas eRIA is acquired after winning a battle. Calvaria provides users with access to various locations where they can compete for the platform’s eRIA token.

The NFT trading cards in Calvaria represent different characters within the universe. These characters have specific traits, and players can use them to complement each other as they battle using their NFTs. The more battles players win, the more Earner RIA (eRIA) they earn as a reward.

It is also worth noting that Calvaria’s developers also conduct several competitions and community initiatives where players have opportunities to win.

Everyone’s Welcome

Calvaria’s biggest attraction is its openness to everyone. The game is free, and players can access it regardless of their devices.

The game also has a paid version. Calvaria gives new players NFTs, which they can immediately trade or use to build their trading card decks.

The game’s developers have confirmed that they will look for new avenues to expand its intellectual property. These include launching AAA games, comics, and even an animated series. They are also looking for ways to add gamification and educational features for newbies.

RIA – The Native Token Primed for Purchase

As explained earlier, Calvaria has a native token. The digital asset, RIA, helps to maintain a proper tokenomic balance in the Calvaria ecosystem. The asset can be used to make NFT purchases in Calvaria’s in-app marketplace and exchanged for eRIA if a player wants to cash out with their winnings.

That’s not all. RIA can also be staked by players looking to earn more tokens and those looking to enjoy governance of the Calvaria game via its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DAO casts votes on all proposed upgrades to the platform.

Holding RIA is the perfect way to participate in any of the competitions and community initiatives.

RIA is currently available on presale. The asset has so far raised $2.41 million, showing an impressive level of investor interest. The presale was planned for ten10 stages, but Calvaria’s developers have confirmed that they would cut it short to 5 to maximize value for investors and begin with game production.

With RIA now in the final stage of its presale, only 22% of tokens are left for purchase.

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