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C+Charge is looking to completely transform electric vehicle charging and payments landscape. With a user-friendly mobile app as well as a transparent and high-quality native token, this platform will give EV owners enough bang for their buck.

The C+Charge team is also working to provide EV owners with real-time information regarding charging. The project is currently in the middle of a presale for its native token and has generated over $700,000 in a few months.

C Charge’s Unique Solution for EV Charging

C+Charge is a new blockchain platform aiming to revolutionize the electric vehicle market. The platform, which debuted in 2022, intends to bring the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to the EV market by providing a channel for owners to make seamless payments for charging their vehicles.

The developers of C+Charge identified a significant need in the EV market – while car ownership is increasing, charging stations are not. The more the number of EV owners, the greater the need for charging infrastructure to expand and adapt.

With C+Charge, EV owners will have a platform that allows them to make quick and easy payments, see their balances and the available stations near them. All EV owners can use C+Charge’s native token, CCHG, to make payments at all managed stations. They even get carbon credits for doing so.

Each carbon credit will be in the form of Goodness Native Tokens (GNT), which investors will be able to access via the C+Charge mobile app. Each GNT unit will represent a verified voluntary carbon credit, and it will be distributed to EV owners as they drive and charge their vehicles more frequently.

The platform is also looking to democratize the market for carbon credits, providing them to everyday people. This way, they hope to offer EV owners more value while incentivizing more people to join the green revolution.

Additionally, users should note that the C+Charge mobile app can deliver more value to them. With the app, they can view their CCHG balances and carbon credits available to them.

The app will also provide real-time information about charging stations close to them, the cost, and the most powerful charging units around their environment. Additional functionalities will be added to the mobile app down the line, increasing the utility of this platform.

Time to Buy CCHG

The CCHG token powers the C+Charge ecosystem. As explained earlier, the digital asset will be used to make payments for charging at all managed stations, while holders will also enjoy access to carbon credits stored on the blockchain.

Built on the BNB Smart Chain, CCHG is especially valuable because of the token’s deflationary model. Each time the tokens are used to process a payment for charging, 1% of their supply is burned. This deflationary model will be important in preserving CCHG’s long-term value and delivering profits to its holders.

At the moment, CCHG is available on presale. The crypto asset is one of the most in-demand new coins in the market, with over $700,000 in investor commitments already.

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