Ready to dive into the most fast-paced crypto project in the industry? Look no further than C+Charge. The electric vehicle (EV) crypto project has grown exponentially due to its vast range of core utilities offered to the EV industry.

Its growth has been a significant catalyst in its ongoing presale which has raised a milestone of $1 million in investment with just two days left before its second presale stage ends.

C Charge: Frontier of the Green Revolution

Over the past decade, climate change has been a prevalent issue that has bothered all regions of the world, ranging from intense heat, environmental hazards, collapsing atmosphere, rising sea levels, and many other metrics.

Crypto projects, notably Bitcoin, have been accused of further accelerating an already bad situation due to its extensive use of energy – fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas – causing a huge amount of carbon emission, negatively affecting the environment.

While this may be so, other new crypto projects have fostered solutions to mitigate climate risks and, at the same time, create incentives appealing to potential users. C+Charge joins this list due to its streamlined focus on disrupting the Electric Vehicles (EVs) industry by providing carbon credits to everyone.

C+Charge is building a robust peer-to-peer (P2P) payment solution to revolutionize EV charging and benefit drivers who want to charge their vehicles. Already its native token, $CCHG, is available on presale and has raised over $1 million in investment.

Before the advent of C+Charge, electric vehicles enjoyed great adoption as they were regarded as the future of the automotive industry. Unlike traditional vehicles, EVs don’t rely on fossil fuels to function. More so, with top car brands, notably Tesla, investing in the development of electric vehicles, the EV ecosystem will continue to grow.

EVs are designed to be unique, stronger, and capable of covering longer distances once fully charged. However, its charging structure remains a reoccurring challenge. New EV models are developed often, but there need to be more charging stations distributed enough to meet demand. It is also difficult to pay for the charging of these vehicles.

To solve these challenges, C+Charge uses blockchain technology. The platform simplifies EV ownership, enabling drivers to access nearby charging stations and providing a P2P seamless payment structure for charging.

Besides offering an easy way to locate EV charging stations and an integrated transparent payment method, C+Charge opens up an environment where EV drivers can earn carbon credits for every charge. The EV solution project allows everyone to access a previously exclusive market to high-value industries by providing carbon credits to everyday people.

Democratizing carbon markets provides drivers interested in switching to EVs with a form of passive income as a reward for their contribution to ensuring a green revolution. C+Charge offers users a versatile app capable of tracking stations, real-time energy consumption information, and charging costs, making payments as transparent as possible.

The $CCHG Token: Over $1 Million Raised in Presale in Just a Few Weeks

C+Charge integrates a charging solution via its peer-to-peer system and smart contracts powered by its governance token, $CCHG. The digital asset is used primarily to pay for EV charging, allowing drivers to earn carbon credits directly.

$CCHG has been on presale since December 2022, which was initially divided into four phases. However, due to strong interest in the project and its appealing functionalities and investment opportunities, the development team announced restructuring its presale price ladder to eight stages, breaking investment into smaller chunks.

The new structuring allows investors to buy a large amount of $CCHG, now trading at $0.016 USDT per token, before the end of its presale. The crypto asset is set to advance to stage three of the ongoing presale in two days after already raising over $1 million in investment. The crypto asset price will continue to increase until it reaches $0.02350 USDT per token.

C+Charge and its governance token, $CCHG, are experiencing fast-paced growth compared to other new crypto projects. This will likely increase when the projects create more charging stations powered by $CCHG, and its centralized exchange launch set to go live on Friday, March 31st.

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