EDEX Euroswap

Europe’s first fast DEX euro crypto exchanger EuroSwap will get a major listing in a week. Why EDEX EuroSwap becomes the main European crypto platform, what investments the project will receive after listing and how to get allocation of EDEX token – we will tell in detail in this article.

EDEX technology for Europeans

The European Union has already approved an investment package, which concentrates more than 750 million euros for the development of digital financial technology in Europe. In just the last year, crypto assets turnover in Europe totaled more than 1 trillion euros. To broadly understand the situation, this is about 25% of the total global turnover, and 50% of this turnover was exactly DeFi investment and asset trading.

Based on this large-scale statistics, it would be logical for Europe to create a platform that would simplify operations with cryptocurrency, as well as increase the involvement of Europeans in the digital economy. This platform should have one main functionality – exchanging crypto for euros. This exchanger should be decentralized, so that all EU countries have the same terms of use.

Such a platform already began its existence last year. In the fall of 2021, the European EDEX development team presented a prototype of the EuroSwap digital product. They called this project “The Bridge between Crypto and Euro. It is a DEX exchange with the ability to exchange crypto for euros through Visa-type fiat gateways.

The EDEX token serves as a service to the EuroSwap network, as well as an admission function for euro transactions. That is, in order to deposit or withdraw euros to EuroSwap DEX, the user will automatically exchange their assets to the EDEX token, which will provide access to fiat gateways. In this way, the EDEX token statistics will grow with each new EuroSwap user.

On the EDEX platform, a Staking option of up to 152% APY has been available since January 2022. On the official EuroSwap website, you can see that over 43 million EDEX tokens have been added to Staking – over 73% of token holders have already taken advantage of this option. That’s an incredible level of trust in the project even in its early stage of development.

EDEX’s first major listing

The idea of EuroSwap immediately attracted huge interest from European users. Now the EDEX team has announced the project’s first major listing. The first trading platform for EDEX token will be HitBTC exchange. They have already announced the listing on their information channels and Trading Season will start as early at the end of June, 2022.

Before the listing, EDEX token won the vote from the exchange as the most promising crypto project of spring 2022 according to HitBTC. As a reward for winning the poll, EDEX will receive a massive marketing plan as well as a Trader’s Contest where a large sum will be drawn between the most active traders of the EDEX token paired with USDT.

Immediately after listing on CEX, the project will open trading on one of the DEX: PancakeSwap, BurgerSwap, UniSwap. This will launch another passive income tool better known locally as Farming. It is also a high-yield investment method where you can back up the EDEX token with another asset and thus create liquidity for trading. This phase is expected to give the Euroswap project a vertical takeoff in price and capitalization.

The best investment in the European market

But the EDEX token listing is not just about trading opportunities for one of Europe’s most sought-after tokens. The main advantage of the listing is that the EuroSwap team has thus proved its prestige and the official legal basis of the project.

This opens up opportunities for major European investments. Closed EDEX sources said that the team received an offer of about 20 million euros from large investment funds. High-level discussions on investment support for the project will take place immediately after EDEX’s listing on HitBTC.

There is about a week until EDEX token listing on HitBTC exchange, the official Trading Season date will be at the end of June, 2022. Until then, there is an opportunity to invest in the EuroSwap project at a fixed price of 0.20 BUSD. The starting price of EDEX token on HitBTC exchange will start at 0.25 BUSD. Get allocation of EDEX token before the listing on the official EuroSwap website, as well as in the official Telegram bot, which will help with the purchase of tokens and answer all investors’ questions.

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