Silvergate Capital has finally decided to be one of the first to put forward its candidacy as a crypto bank. Only if you consider deeds rather than words, Silvergate has already fallen behind the real pioneers, which is Euroswap EDEX. This European platform defended its concept of a functional crypto-bank for all Europeans back last year. And now the EDEX team has already announced the listing.

Investment hyper opportunities for EDEX

EuroSwap EDEX will, for the first time ever, allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrency on DEX for the eurozone’s official currency, the euro €. EDEX achieves these goals through cutting-edge blockchain technology and by partnering with major payment systems like VISA, which will open up gateways to fiat euro transactions. In other words, 740 million EU residents will now be able to buy cryptocurrency securely and confidentially with a simple bank card and just as easily withdraw their profits to the card.

EDEX is also attractive as a savings investment vehicle. Because this asset was not created as stablecoin and promises to be moderately volatile. And the high volumes and capitalization will allow even large investment funds and structures to participate in trading.

In its very short period of attracting attention to the project, EDEX managed to gather an impressive team of supporters and investors even before the trading process began. The Euroswap team’s strategy is clear and acceptable to the majority of crypto holders. And it’s not just Europeans, because investors from all over the world want to make money on such a promising asset. According to the latest estimates, at the early stage of EDEX tokens pre-sale about 53% are residents of Europe, 26% are investors from developed countries of the Middle East, 21% are investors from Asia and America.

As soon as the EDEX token is listed on the first exchange, analysts predict a reactive surge of interest in the project from all possible sides: exchange traders and holders, investors from analytical platforms Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko, the press and other media will make Euroswap super popular in just a few hours. As a consequence, this will affect the price and capitalization of the project – the rise could reach several thousand percent.

Early Staking EDEX statistics will also add more fuel to the fire. According to the latest data, more than 75% of EDEX token holders added all of their tokens to Staking up to 152% APY. This means that after the listing, less than 25% of early EDEX token holders will trade their assets, which will create an incredible demand over a small supply – the price of EDEX will increase tenfold in the first hour, analysts from the TradingView platform predicted.

First Exchange for EDEX

The Final Session for the PreSale of the Euroswap EDEX token is taking place as we speak. Early investors can still get EDEX at around EUR 0.12. PreSale of tokens takes place on the official page

Very soon, the token will be available for public trading on one or more prestigious exchanges. The founders of EDEX on the official pages of the project announced a list of exchanges with which negotiations are now underway. That first list includes, Poloniex, Liquid, MEXC, KuCoin, FTX, HitBTC, and ByBit.

Immediately after the first listing, the EDEX project will start working on listings on top-tier exchanges. In the future, the project plans to appear on such exchanges as Huobi, Bitfinex,, Kraken, Coinbase and even Binance.

You can find more detailed information about the EuroSwap EDEX project at the official website or with the help of the manager in the official Telegram bot.