On January 29, the Ethereum price prediction is likely to be bullish above $1,620. Ethereum is one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the world and its price has been on a steady rise over the past few months.

With Ethereum being increasingly adopted by businesses, investors are looking to buy and accumulate ETH at entry points that offer good returns. One such entry point could be $1,592, which could be a great opportunity to buy and accumulate ETH.

In this article, we will discuss why $1,592 could be a great entry point for buying and accumulating Ethereum. We will look at various factors that affect Ethereum price predictions such as general market sentiment, technical analysis of Ethereum’s price movements, news about developments in the blockchain space, and more.

Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade: What to Expect and How It Will Impact the Crypto Market

Ethereum is set to make an upgrade to the Shanghai Protocol soon, which will encourage more stakers and validators to join the network. This will be a significant development, as it’ll open up many new possibilities on the Ethereum platform.

The Ethereum Shanghai update is designed to help validators who have staked their ETH to access their funds with ease. As of now, these staked Ethereum coins are not available for withdrawal – an issue that the upgrade will fix.

Ethereum is currently working on the much-awaited Surge upgrade, which aims to enhance the blockchain’s scalability. The launch of this protocol could be a major price surge driver for Ethereum.

Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum’s price has grown to $1,615.76 in the last 24 hours with a trading volume of $7.1 billion. It gained 2.50% in that time period and is the second-largest cryptocurrency according to CoinMarketCap with a market cap of $197 billion.

The ETH/USD pair has been trading erratically with its value not crossing $1,600. If it continues to close at this number or lower, then it is highly likely that there will be downward pressure on Ethereum’s price. Moreover, a symmetrical triangle pattern emerging in the market shows that investors are unsure about their future decisions.


Ethereum Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

Currently, ETH is being supported at around $1,560. If the support fails to hold, then ETH could see a drop to $1,500. Conversely, if it manages to break above the $1,625 resistance level then the crypto may be able to surge toward $1,680.

3 Cryptos You Need To Know About in 2023

Investing in MEMAG, FGHT, and C+Charge now as they are up for presale could be a lucrative decision. These digital assets have much higher profit potentials compared to other choices for investment.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

MEMAG achieved tremendous success in 2023, thanks to its innovative and immersive mobile gaming technology. Similarly, Meta Masters Guild is striving to introduce blockchain technologies to the world through their web3-based gaming platform so that everyone can access it.

MEMAG gives its users the opportunity to enjoy gaming while earning GEMS – their in-game virtual currency. This additional layer of fun can help players stay ahead of the competition and even give them an edge over other gamers.

Don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to buy MEMAG tokens before the pre-sale ends and benefit from potential profits. These coins can be exchanged for in-game tokens, as well as bought and sold on open markets.

Consequently, the $MEMAG token is predicted to reach unprecedented heights in the near future. This is attributed to its massive game player base which keeps coming back, enticed by Meta Masters Guild’s gaming environment. One great thing about playing games is that no financial commitment is necessary to join in – players have the freedom to just hop in and start having fun!

Don’t wait! The presale is already in Stage 3 and the prices will go up soon. You can still buy your membership at a lower rate if you act fast – don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out, a new cryptocurrency venture, employs the leading Move-to-Earn fitness app to reward users with REPS (or “in-app tokens”) for any type of physical exercise they perform. Individuals can download this app and earn tokens for every workout they complete.

FGHT is pushing the fitness industry forward by introducing software that encourages people to live healthier lifestyles and stay active. Fight Out assists in the tracking and analysis of your physical workouts, displaying progress toward your goals via personalized avatars. This visual illustration encourages users to stick to their routines and maintain their gains.

The FGHT presale has been a huge success, raising an impressive $3.5 million so far. Investors have shown a strong interest in the project, and it has been selling out quickly for months. To avoid missing out on this opportunity, you should act quickly because another price increase is on the way.

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C+ Charge (CCHG)

C+ Charge is a cryptocurrency platform that offers CCHG tokens, which are expected to generate massive returns in the near future. It is specifically aimed at owners of electric vehicles, as the EV market is rapidly expanding, raising expectations for the C+ Charge platform.

In essence, drivers and chargers of electric vehicles can earn carbon credits for their efforts. These credits can be redeemed for CCHG tokens, which can be used to fund EV charging services at stations around the world.

A new green cryptocurrency project with incredible innovation and potential is currently in the presale stage. It has already raised more than $434,000 and plans to launch its first CEX on March 31st. Don’t miss out; act quickly before it’s gone!

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