Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is generating significant buzz in the market as a massive whale recently faced liquidation while shorting ETH. This unexpected event has sparked speculation among traders and investors about the potential for Ethereum to surpass the crucial $2,000 resistance level.

With the price of ETH exhibiting a strong upward trend in recent weeks, many are wondering if this could be the moment when Ethereum makes a decisive move toward new all-time highs.

In this Ethereum price prediction, we will delve into the factors driving the market sentiment and explore whether ETH is finally poised to break through the $2,000 barrier.

Ethereum Price

Ethereum (ETH) continues to exhibit an impressive upward rally, with its price finding further support above the $1,950 level. Since the beginning of the month, Ethereum has maintained a consistent upward trajectory, indicating a strong bullish sentiment in the market.

With such positive momentum, Ethereum will probably push toward the critical resistance level of $2,000.

Ethereum Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading around $1,950, with a 24-hour trading volume of $6,737,298,390. Ethereum has gained 1.92% in the last few hours.

However, a noteworthy development has recently surfaced as a prominent GMX crypto trader has taken a short position on Ethereum, exposing themselves to substantial losses if ETH surpasses the $1,950 mark.

This significant news has been brought to my attention by Taiki Maeda, a well-respected crypto influencer, who shared the information via a tweet.

Nevertheless, the potential liquidation of their short position could adversely affect the price of ETH, leading traders and investors to exercise caution and hesitation in their actions.

On a more positive note, the continued upward movement in Ethereum prices can be attributed to the overall positive sentiment prevailing in the cryptocurrency market.

It is essential to highlight that this optimistic market sentiment was largely fueled by the recent news of Fidelity Investments’ renewed application for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) spot.

It is worth noting that Fidelity previously faced rejection from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2022 during its initial attempt.

However, the recent news of Fidelity’s renewed application has been well-received by the market, contributing to the positive sentiment in the crypto industry. This renewed application has served as an additional catalyst, further supporting the entire cryptocurrency market.

In addition to Fidelity’s renewed application, another notable development that has positively influenced market sentiment is MicroStrategy’s announcement of purchasing an additional $374 million worth of Bitcoin.

This strategic move by MicroStrategy has significantly impacted market sentiment, boosting confidence and enthusiasm surrounding cryptocurrencies. As a result, the cryptocurrency market as a whole has experienced a notable uplift, with Ethereum benefiting from the prevailing optimism.

GMX Crypto Trader Faces Liquidation Risk as ETH Shorts Increase

As previously mentioned, a prominent crypto whale known as GMX has been actively engaging in short positions on Ethereum (ETH) and is now facing the possibility of substantial liquidation. Based on profit and loss (PnL) data, if the price of ETH reaches $1950, they face the risk of losing 80% of their invested funds.

This development came to public attention through Taiki Maeda, a well-known influencer on Twitter, and has since sparked extensive discussions among users of the platform.

Many Twitter users have raised questions regarding the significant number of short positions taken by the GMX whale, with some speculating on the potential use of a strategy known as Delta Hedge.

The recent actions of the GMX whale have generated speculation and conspiracy theories, with some suggesting that they may possess insider knowledge. Despite GMX’s relatively stable performance above the $53 range, Ethereum has exhibited minimal price volatility.

On the other hand, the revelation of a potential liquidation faced by the GMX crypto trader, resulting from their short positions on Ethereum (ETH), can potentially negatively influence ETH prices.

Should the trader’s short position be liquidated, it could prompt heightened selling pressure, potentially leading to a decline in ETH prices.

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