As with the rest of the market over the course of the last year, the ETH price has been suffering. Speculators are curious to know when the bear market may come to a close.

There are many theories, and some of the most bullish make the case that bear markets in crypto haven’t historically lasted much longer than a year, a large amount of ETH is currently locked in the staking contract, and inflation expectations were higher than previous data has indicated in accurate.

Despite the Shanghai hard fork in 2023, which will open the door for 14m ETH to be gradually sold on the market, there remain many people who are bullish on the value of ETH and the dApps that are being launched in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Dash 2 Trade helps traders make use of the entropic market conditions

Dash 2 Trade is a brand new crypto signals and trading platform that is positioning itself as the “Bloomberg terminal of crypto“, allowing people to make use of their dashboard in order to trade more effectively.

In addition to traditional trading signals, there is also the opportunity for traders to make use of social sentiment metrics, and to curate their own trading strategies with backtesting.

Moreover, those who use the platform can make use of the presales that are launched on the platform – a variety of new projects will use Dash 2 Trade as a launchpad, and users will be given detailed information about each of these presales.

IMPT is a green new crypto built on top of Ethereum

IMPT is a brand new green cryptocurrency that hopes to change the state of carbon credits.

The way that this is achieved is by rewarding consumers for “responsible shopping” when they shop with companies that have high ESG scores.

These rewards are denominated in the IMPT token, which can in turn be redeemed for carbon credits.

These carbon credits are managed as NFTs, which means that the trading is open to everyone 24/7 – a significant improvement on the current state of carbon credits.

There are currently only five days left of the IMPT presale, which means that there isn’t much time left to acquire IMPT at low prices.

RIA is a new play to earn game built on ETH

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a brand new game that is launching on a range of different blockchains including Ethereum.

The project is currently at its presale phase, and has been operating successfully over the course of the last

All of the aforementioned games and dApps that are being built on Ethereum ought to bring more value to the Ethereum blockchain, which many predict could continue to appreciate over the coming years, and multiply several times over.

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