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IMPT is a brand-new project that hopes to reimagine the ways in which carbon credits are managed by individuals as well as businesses, so that people can more actively and easily manage their consumption and carbon footprint. They are hoping to capitalise on an industry that is currently worth several trillion dollars and is forecast to grow over the coming decade.

A $30 trillion industry

According to analysts at Broadridge Financial Solutions, the total value of ESG companies is expected to balloon to $30 trillion by the year 2030.

ESG metrics have, over the past few years, become an increasingly important way in which capital allocators are mandated to invest in a socially responsible way: they are restricted, for example, from investing in tobacco companies or companies that pollute too much.

In such an environment, one would expect that companies who abide by such regulations and focus on capitalising on the investment zeitgeist ought to perform well.

IMPT to be the “greenest crypto”

The focus on ESG in in the investing world over the past few years has meant that many investors are looking for projects that appear far “greener” than their competitors.

The pressure on investors to invest in a socially responsible manner has never been greater, and IMPT offers a brilliant platform for people to be able to do this. The largest asset allocators in the world, such as Fidelity and Blackrock, now focus their ETFs and funds on ensuring that their composition is as “green” as it can possibly be.

IMPT presale has now raised $1m

The IMPT presale made headlines for having raised over $500k in the first 48 hours of the presale. Now, less than 24 hours later, over $1m of IMPT has now been sold at the presale, showing a high degree of interest in the project going forward.

To have raised so much within such a short space of time is an extremely impressive rate of investment for the project and should keep the project in good stead going forward.

Earn IMPT as cashback on spending

The current market of carbon credits is focused almost exclusively on regulating the emissions that companies can make, since they are the largest polluters thanks to their scale and the nature of their operations.

IMPT is a project that hopes to revolutionise this and make it possible for anyone – individual or company – to be able to earn cashback on their spending in IMPT.

When one spends with any of 10,000 companies that are aboard the mission with IMPT, they are eligible to earn cashback rewards in IMPT, which can then be used to purchase carbon credits and mint them as NFTs.

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IMPT - New Eco Friendly Crypto

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