Elon.Space claims to have purchased Kanye West’s 1/1 Goyard “Robot Face” backpack from luxury consignor Justin Reed for 50 ETH (approximately $100,000 at the time of purchase).

Robot-faced Kanye West Backpack

Elon.Space is a modern cultural experiment that employs Elon Musk’s “meme culture.” It’s a project with the tagline “Who controls the memes, controls the universe,” and it promises to focus on “phygital” commodities or the combination of physical items or experiences with those in the real world.

The 1/1 Goyard backpack first appeared in 2021 and cost $55.00. Justin Reed, a luxury shipper, offered Elon.Space employees 50 ETH ($100,000). Reed said of the sale, “It was a pleasure to put this one-of-a-kind piece up for sale, and I am overjoyed to see it go to an intriguing project like Elon.Space.”

According to Elon.Space, it is the result of Kanye’s genius, which is how they envision their logo. That is why a new NFT venture chooses to acquire such a one-of-a-kind piece of fashion history. Kanye is a creative genius who fully embodies the Space spirit, according to Elon.Space.

The company claimed that they wanted something iconic and representative of a period relevant to the project and that this was it. They knew they had to text Justin as soon as the item was uploaded to order it.

Why is Kanye West’s Robot Face Bag so expensive?

During Paris Fashion Week in 2010, Kanye West commissioned and purchased a 1/1 backpack from the ultra-luxury clothing line Goyard. At the time, the bag served as a metaphor for Kanye West. In 2010, he was a world-famous musician. He was beginning to use his inventiveness to change the fashion industry.

The three front pockets, zippers, and the well-known Goyard Chevron pattern are just a few of its distinguishing features. The bag, designed by West in 2010 and ordered by upscale heritage brand Goyard, vanished for over 11 years before reappearing in 2021, thanks to Reed, who paid $55,000.

Reed has a new pair of hands, but this time, the anonymous purchaser has ideas for “Robot Face” and where it might go next.

Elon.Space NFT Mint

Elon.Space NFT coins will be available in September. There is a pre-mint procedure in place and a public mint and allowlist. Before the mint, the team is handing out ‘Mars & Beyond’ candles in addition to the Kanye West bag.

The first NFT collection will be linked to tangible goods related to Elon Musk’s genuine business initiatives and will consist of 420 randomly selected and digitally generated images.

All 420 NFT owners will be eligible to win the Kanye West Robot Face bag in the Elon.Space NFT series mint. There will also be a giveaway of other tangible goods. Clothing, candles, and various other items fall into this category.

The team behind Elon Space has chosen Elon Musk and the meme culture as sources of inspiration for their first project. According to Elon.Space creator Elon Must, he represents the ideal Web3 millionaire.


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