C+Charge is a new blockchain project building a robust peer-to-peer (P2P) payment ecosystem for electric vehicle charging stations. With this system, users can get electronic wallets to store the blockchain network’s token CCHG, which can be used in settling electric vehicle (EV) charging fees in these eco-friendly stations.

The platform is already in its initial rollout stages and is bringing much-needed innovation to the EV space.

One Platform, Multiple Uses

C+Charge is a new platform that provides additional value to electric vehicle owners for using their cars and charging them. It focuses primarily on offering an eco-friendly way to charge vehicles while offering additional bonuses to EV owners for being part of the green revolution.

The developers of C+Charge found a major issue in the EV industry, which spurred their action. Over the past few years, EV use has surged as companies like Tesla and Rivian came into the industry to disrupt how cars are being used. Legacy car manufacturers have also shifted their focus to EV production.

Nevertheless, even as EVs continue to grow, there have been some issues. One major problem is that charging remains challenging because charging stations aren’t evenly distributed. Also, existing charging stations remain underdeveloped and unable to support the growing demand for EVs. The fact that these charging stations are also connected to traditional electrical grids means that their eco-friendly status is also questionable.

C+Charge provides massive benefits for users, with the platform looking to bring the advantages of blockchain technology to the EV space.

With C+Charge, EV owners enjoy carbon credits as they charge their vehicles. The platform hopes to transform the carbon credit market, valued at about $211 billion in 2019, and is expected to hit over $2.4 trillion in value by 2027. As carbon credits have historically only been available to big players, C+Charge is looking to make them accessible to everyday users.

The goal is that by democratizing access to carbon credits, C+Charge can encourage more drivers to switch to EVs and stop using fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Besides helping in the fight against climate change, this should also help alleviate pollution issues and lead to a better quality of life for millions.

The platform is also looking to build a payment system that allows users to pay for their charging privately and simply. Another benefit of C+Charge is that users’ EV charging infrastructure can be optimized. Running on blockchain technology, the platform ensures verifiability and trust in pricing.

C+Charge will come with a dedicated mobile app allowing users to handle and maintain their vehicles much better. The app allows users to track their carbon credits, payment balances, and more. Users will also be able to get details on charging stations close to them as well as run diagnostics on their vehicles, repairs, maintenance, and more.

The CCHG Token

C+Charge operates using a native token called CCHG. The digital asset was built on the BNB Smart Chain and will act as the unit for transactions within this platform. Users will be able to pay to charge their EVs at all C+Charge-managed stations, and they can exchange the token for carbon credits too.

CCHG is a deflationary token, so units of the asset will be removed from circulation as it is used for processing payments. The objective is for CCHG to get more adoption as the EV market grows and more platforms are used to process payments. This will lead to increased scarcity, which should grow its value even more.

At press time, its CCHG token has already garnered over $107,000, with early-bird investors snapping up the asset at a current valuation of $0.013. This generally shows a strong market demand for this real-life blockchain solution and means C+Charge is on the right path to success.

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