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IMPT is an eco crypto that is focused on changing the industry of carbon credits for the better by incentivising consumers to shop with companies that have high ESG scores, and rewarding them with IMPT (which can be redeemed for carbon credits). Many speculators believe that this carbon trading revolution could usher in a range of opportunities.

IMPT has now raised almost $12m

The IMPT presale has been going from strength to strength, and has now successfully raised almost $12m to further its mission of improving the carbon credits market and reducing emissions.

The presale has been selling out extremely quickly, much to the excitement of the participants and those who believe that crypto can help to usher in a greener future.

A carbon trading revolution

Over the past decade, the most significant trends in the world of investing have been the rise of cryptocurrencies, and the ESG narrative.

Companies around the world are being incentivised and constrained by ESG mandates to only invest in projects that are deemed to be be good for the environment and for society as a whole, and this rise in “socially responsible investing” has meant that green projects find it far easier to attract capital than many others.

Unlike the space of “socially responsible investing”, which is largely focused on incentivising companies to change their habits in order to make the world a better place, the Impact Project is centred around changing consumer habits, and rewarding them for “voting with their wallets” at companies that have high ESG scores.

Thus far, IMPT has already onboarded over 25,000 brands through their affiliate programme. Those who buy with from these companies will be able to earn IMPT as a cashback reward.

These tokens can then be held, traded, or redeemed for carbon credits as NFTs so that one can showcase their green credentials.

The process of redemption involves burning the IMPT tokens, meaning that they constantly become scarcer.

Putting carbon credits on chain

Carbon credits in their current form are highly inefficient, and the way that they are traded and managed is largely opaque.

The antiquated system’s lack of transparency is problematic, and there are many areas where this is could be improved by blockchain.

IMPT’s approach of putting carbon credits on chain means that they are easier to verify and easier for people to trade. NFTs trade 24/7 without interruption, and anyone can participate in the process as long as they have an Internet connection, which democratises the process for all.

Participate in the presale now

Those who wish to participate in the IMPT presale, which is currently live on the project’s website, can now do so.

Presales are often a good time to participate in projects that are targeting exponential growth, because it means that people have the opportunity to participate in projects at their earliest phases.

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