As is often the case, Elon’s interactions on Twitter often have a significant impact on the price of Dogecoin, and since taking over the entire platform after buying it for $44 billion last week, the price of Dogecoin has been performing exceptionally well.

Will DOGE reach $1?

For quite a while now, there has been a focus on the price of DOGE coming to reach a value of $1. Originally this goal was put together by a group of fanatical Dogecoin holders on Reddit, and since onboarding giants such as Elon Musk to the Dogecoin ecosystem, there have been renewed calls for the price of DOGE to reach $1.


Given how close DOGE came during the last bull market to reaching the $1 goal, many believe that this bull market the target ought to be far easier to reach, particularly when one considers Elon Musk’s increased influence on the global stage now that he controls Twitter.

Speculation that the blue check could be paid for in DOGE

Since coming into the new role as “Chief Twit”, Elon Musk has flirted with the idea that those who wish to be verified on Twitter could do this by paying a monthly subscription of $20 a month.

The goal of the subscription fee is to ensure that it is easier for people to differentiate between people and bots. Musk has stated in the past that he believes everyone should have the opportunity to verify themselves, not only those who are famous. This is important because it helps distinguish not only between those who are famous and those who are not, but those who are human and those who are not.

Bitcoin evangelists such as Michael Saylor have also spoken on the topic, and the ways in which posting cryptocurrency as collateral could add an opportunity cost that makes bot farms unviable, and dramatically reduces the amount of spam on Twitter.

Earlier today, Elon Musk tweeted out the following photo, which sparked speculation that this blue check mark could be paid for directly with Dogecoin.

Dash 2 Trade subscription for crypto signals platform

Another platform that will be charging a monthly subscription for its fullest range of features is the trading signals platform Dash 2 Trade.

Dash 2 Trade provides a range of utility to users of their platform, allowing them to gauge technical analysis, social sentiment, and to curate their own trading strategies with backtesting.

Not only this, but there is also the opportunity for users of the Dash 2 Trade platform to participate in presales.

Presales are a uniquely advantageous niche of the crypto sector, in that they offer the opportunity for investors to participate in projects at their very earliest stages.

Historically, participating in projects at such an early stage has been extremely difficult for individuals to do, given that the industry is usually dominated by VCs.

However, Dash 2 Trade’s platform makes it easy for everyone and anyone to participate in presales that have been vetted by the team themselves and come replete with a range of different information.

Currently, the D2T token is at its presale stage, having now raised almost $4m. Anyone can participate in the Dash 2 Trade presale on their website.

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