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Dogecoin’s price reached a new high on January 22, hitting a peak price of $0.09343 for the year. However, recent technical analysis suggests that the initial upward movement may be complete, with a retracement on the horizon before the price continues to rise.

With dogecoin’s price currently trading at $0.08789–down by 2.27% for the day, traders are closely monitoring the crypto’s price movement of the volatile DOGE.

Dogecoin Price Technical Analysis and Price Prediction

The crypto-meme coin has been on a steady rise in recent weeks. Technical indicators for the digital asset show a bullish trend, with the 20-day EMA, 50-day EMA, 100-day EMA, and 200-day EMA all trending upward. The 20-day EMA currently sits at $0.0820, the 50-day EMA at $0.0814, the 100-day EMA at $0.0811, and the 200-day EMA at $0.0847.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) for Dogecoin is currently at 63.26, indicating that the coin is in overbought territory. However, this does not necessarily mean that the price will experience a large correction, as the RSI can remain overbought for an extended period of time.

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicators for Dogecoin are also bullish. The histogram is currently at 0.00105, the MACD at 0.00239, and the signal line at 0.00135. This suggests that the short-term moving average is trending above the long-term moving average, indicating a bullish trend.

The volume for Dogecoin is currently at 1.1 billion, with a volume moving average of 1.338 billion. This high volume suggests that there is a significant level of interest in the cryptocurrency.

The current price of Dogecoin is $0.08822, with immediate resistance levels at $0.08980 to $0.09136. The next target for the coin is $0.10680 to $0.107794 for an 18.26% move, and beyond that, $0.14200 to $0.14819 for an additional 37% move to the upside.

Overall, the technical indicators for the Dogecoin price suggest a bullish trend, with the potential for significant price increases in the near future. However, there could well be a continuing of the pullback we’ve seen today, particularly if the wider market shows signs of losing momentum for the moment.

Diversifying Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

As the crypto market is showing encouraging signs of potential recovery in 2023, you may be wondering which cryptos to purchase. Investing your funds during altcoin presales can present a unique opportunity as prices could be lower than when they become available on exchanges. A few noteworthy coins worth looking into are TAMA, MEMAG, FGHT and RIA–all launching within the coming months.

Tamadoge (TAMA) has Taken Off

Tamadoge’s play-to-earn Web3 gaming platform allows players to earn passively as they gain rewards in the tamaverse. The game’s cryptocurrency TAMA has been raising in the ranks in a steady upward trend recently. It’s listed on OKX, LBank, MEXC, BKEX, and coinsbit, among others.

The new meme currency provides a real use case for NFT collectibles that can be used to boost in-game stats for a variety of arcade-style games.

Tamadoge has new games and features in the works that demonstrate promise and could push the TAMA token’s price higher in the next leg up in the crypto markets. The presale for Tamadoge’s TAMA in 2022 was a massive success, generating $19 million in just two months.

Visit Tamadoge Now

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) Takes Web3 Gaming to the Next Level

The future of gaming is here with the debut of Meta Masters Guild (MMG), a game-changing Web3 gaming guild that brings a new level of engagement and ownership to games. MMG’s mission is to construct an enduring ecosystem for gamers worldwide, encouraging engagement and entertainment while tackling existing challenges in modern gaming.

The MMG ecosystem is designed to reward gamers for their participation with MEMAG cryptocurrency and ownership of in-game assets. With Gems rewards, players can exchange their collected items or currency from the open game economy into real money or other virtual elements inside the game. Unlocking unparalleled freedom to trade within the gaming world!

MMG is firmly committed to providing a fair and open environment for all players, which will ultimately lead to an improved gaming experience. Their first game, Meta Kart Racers, is a thrilling PVP or single-player racing title designed specifically for mobile devices; in addition, many more high-quality games that utilize blockchain technology are being added into their ecosystem as well.

Investors have jumped on MEMAG’s token presale, with over $1.15 million raised in a matter of days.

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Fight Out (FGHT) Set to Leave Dogecoin’s Price in the Dust

Fight Out, an innovative app and gym chain with the use of blockchain technology, is looking to pioneer a new way for us to stay fit. The M2E (Move-to-Earn) app, developed by a professional team verified up by CoinSniper offers, users personalized workout plans along with REPS tokens when users’ goals are accomplished.

Fight Out is beginning an effort to become one of the world’s leading fitness brand by constructing cutting-edge Web3, high tech gyms in a variety of prime locations. This includes interesting tech like “mirrors” that display members’ profiles and sensors that give instantaneous feedback on exercises, making exercising more entertaining and interactive. Renowned athletes such as Amanda Ribas, Taila Santos from the UFC, and Savannah Marshall have joined their ambassador program already.

Fight Out is primed to make a huge impression in the years ahead, bolstered by its strong team and strong support from investors. When buyers put in over $50,000 during the presale period, they can receive up to 50% in bonuses. Already Fight Out has raised more than $3.3 million with increasing momentum.

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Calvaria (RIA) Makes Battle Cards 3D

Strategy gamers will soon have the chance to ascend to greatness in Calvaria, an upcoming NFT-based battle card strategy game. Players can craft decks of character cards and construct plans to overpower their foes within an afterlife-themed world.

Gaming enthusiasts of Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, and other battle card games will be delighted by Calvaria: Duels of Eternity. It will offer all the beloved components that players are used to but with a few added surprises. Thanks to its 3D graphics, gamers will now be able to transport themselves into more immersive battles on their mobile devices through iOS or Android apps. And if you’re looking for further entertainment when playing solo, there’s also an intriguing story mode.

Players who win battles in Calvaria will be handsomely rewarded with eRIA tokens that can then be used to purchase from the game’s peer-to-peer marketplace. With an extensive range of cards available, players are given the chance to customize their strategies and discard any superfluous characters for more powerful alternatives.

To further entice newcomers to cryptocurrency gaming, everyone who joins will receive a complimentary starter deck and see how much eRIA currency they would have earned if playing in Play-to-Earn mode.

With only days left until the presale’s close, Calvaria has already accrued $2.93 million from investors for its game token.

Visit Calvaria Now


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