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The Dogecoin price has been losing momentum as of late, and is currently down 15% over the course of the last week – it isn’t the only meme coin that has been suffering, with many others also taking a significant hit recently.

The Elon Musk Twitter acquisition did give some fuel to the puppy coin, and the price of DOGE did briefly rally over 3x after he moved in as CEO.

Nevertheless, the pump wasn’t sustained and the price has since retraced back to where it was. This natural retracement was coupled with the complete collapse of the FTX exchange, which has sent shockwaves through the entire industry.

Tamadoge: a meme coin with utility

Tamadoge is a brand new project that recently managed to raise an impressive $19m at its presale, and since then the project has been steadily developing on the promises in their roadmap.

There are many altcoins in the crypto space, but in the meme coin space it is becoming more and more significant that utility is offered to holders.

Tamadoge is one such meme coin that is focused on more than just hype for fundamentals: the team are also focused on ensuring that the Tamaverse (a custom-designed metaverse) that

Tamadoge lists on a series of exchanges

The team at Tamadoge has already managed to list on a variety of different exchanges such as OKX, Uniswap, MEXC Global, Bitget, BitMart and CoinEx.

The more exchanges that the Tamadoge team is able to list on, the more that they are able to attract liquidity to the project.

Building in artificial reality

One of the goals of the Tamadoge team is to build in artificial reality. Given that the name “Tamadoge” comes from mixing the aesthetics of Tamagotchi and Doges, it only makes sense that the project would take this path.

As per the Tamadoge white paper, the team is currently working on building the integration with artificial reality.

This would allow for those who hold Tamadoge NFTs to be able to superimpose them onto the real world using a mobile application, thus cementing further utility for the project, and creating more opportunities to P2E gaming.

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