Dogecoin performance

Dogecoin started the month trending up, but the asset has since lost its gains due to Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover. Profit-seeking investors can still purchase TAMA at 10x gains.

DOGE Loses Steam as Twitter Woes Continue

Musk is an avid fan of the meme coin, and he originally proposed using it to combat bot accounts on the social media giant. Following the takeover, the price of DOGE increased by up to 200% in the following week.

DOGE has fallen back completely a month after its peak. The digital asset is nearly back to where it was before Musk’s takeover was announced.

The primary driver appears to be that Twitter has struggled significantly under Musk. The billionaire’s many initiatives since taking over Twitter have been controversial at best and downright disastrous at worst.

From firing over half of Twitter’s workforce in a bitched mass exodus to rolling out a plan for customers to be able to pay for verification, Musk has moved from one issue to the other. So far, the billionaire has even failed to address the social media network’s bot issue.

Despite this, Twitter has yet to incorporate DOGE at any point. As a result, all of the early speculations about the asset being involved in the operation of the social media platform have yet to come true. The asset’s value has dropped as expected.

DOGE is currently trading at $0.08543. Its price has plunged by 1.01% in the last 24 hours, but it has struggled significantly over the last week and month.

Time to Buy TAMA

In light of the current state of many large-cap coins, it’s understandable that investors remain skeptical. Despite this, the market offers a variety of opportunities for profitability, and one asset that is currently on investors’ watch lists is TAMA.

TAMA is the native token for Tamadoge – a blockchain gaming platform allowing players to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing digital pets. The game’s objective is to groom and grow your pets and use them to battle those of other players in the ecosystem. Players who win battles get rewarded with TAMA tokens.

Tamadoge was launched in 2022 and has continued down an impressive path toward development. The platform ran a presale for TAMA earlier, with the token raising $19 million in eight weeks.

Since then, TAMA has been listed on several top centralized exchanges and, most recently, on the Hong kong-based platform

Full Game on Its Way

Currently, players are also eagerly awaiting the launch of Tamadoge. Platform developers continue to update investors on their progress as they prepare for launch this year.

In a recent update, the game’s developers confirmed that the main engine was almost complete. According to them, Tamadoge will offer multiple games where players can engage in battle across multiple arenas.

Tamadoge’s developers further disclosed that they would revamp the game’s reward structure to ensure that players can access multiple leaderboards and opportunities to win.

So far, there isn’t an official launch date for Tamadoge. However, given the progress made with the game’s development, it won’t be surprising to see its debut before the year’s end.

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