DogeBonk Crypto Price Levels

DogeBonk (DOBO) crypto has risen over 400% in the last month and is now the 12th largest Meme coin by market capital. During the last seven days DogeBonk (DOBO) meme coin has also increased over an impressive 100% in price.

Currently, DogeBonk (DOBO) is trading at $0.0000000139 and is slightly retracing from its recent parabolic rally.

What makes DogeBonk unique and what alternative meme coins have more upside potential?

DogeBonk Price Prediction 2022

Over the last few days DogeBonk has printed an impressive amount of green daily candles, however, we are still very much far away from a revival. Despite the parabolic rally over the last few weeks DogeBonk (DOBO) meme coin is still down by 96% from its all time high of $0.000000384.

Whilst fomo might now be kicking in for many retail investors and speculators gazing at the chart, it could well pay off to sit back and wait for a retracement following this euphoric move.

The recent rally enabled DogeBonk (DOBO) meme coin to surge up to $0.000000018 in price which is a critical area of resistance as written in on the 30th April 2022. Since then we have seen retracement down to $0.000000014 and might see negative continuation.

DogeBonk Support and Resistance Levels

DogeBonk/Usdt – Daily Time Frame. 

Although we have seen a large amount of volume over the last few days, DogeBonk (DOBO) meme coin still has a very low market capital of just $8 million which means it can be very volatile. Traders and investors should remain risk averse as we could still see a much further pull back down to lower support levels.

The bearish scenario is that DogeBonk (DOBO) continues to see a pull back down to the lower Fibonacci retracement levels, these can be seen displayed in the price charts below.

DogeBonk Fibb Levels

DogeBonk/Usdt – Daily Time Frame. 

Will DogeBonk Flip Bullish?

Despite the short term bearish price momentum DogeBonk (DOBO) meme coin is currently forging a rather bullish looking falling wedge on the 4-hour time frame.

Typically, a falling wedge is a bullish reversal pattern following a euphoric impulse wave to the upside. We may possibly see continuation to the upside back to the $0.000000018 price levels if we can see more volume and a healthy breakout followed by a back test of the resistance at the top of the falling wedge.

Doge Bonk Meme Coin Falling Wedge

DogeBonk/Usdt – 4-hour Time Frame.

Personally for me there is just too much volatility and lack of data supporting the reasons as to why DogeBonk (DOBO) meme coin has recently pumped. For this reason I will hold off from the temptation of following the green candles.

DogeBonk Meme Coin Video Analysis

What is DogeBonk Meme Coin?

DogeBonk (DOBO) claims to be the first ever cryptocurrency sent into space, they also like to boast that they are the most loved crypto by gamer girls. According to Coinmarketcap DogeBonk is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and has superior tokenimics with deflationary properties and opportunity for automatic yield generation.

Furthermore, DogoBonk (DOBO) is an entirely decentralized meme coin ecosystem which likes to combine utility with memes. The heart of DogeBonk lies within the community as this is their core vision. DogeBonk (DOBO) wishes to create more joy, peace and harmony across the world and they believe they can complete this vision through ‘creativity, kindness and altruism’.

It is worth also noting that each transaction is taxed by 10%, though, 5% of this goes into a forever locked liquidity pool to help raise the floor price of DogeBonk (DOBO) and reduce volatility within bear markets.

Better Alternative Meme Coins to DogeBonk?

Let’s be honest the crypto markets move fast and sometimes timing your entry is paramount when prospecting low market cap projects. It is quite hard to exactly forecast what will happen next with DogeBonk in the short-term. What we do know is that historical data suggests that DogeBonk (DOBO) has already reached euphoric tops through the bull market and is possibly exhausted. This could be a limitation for DogeBonk in the next crypto bull run.

There is a potentially stronger option than holding DogeBonk and that is by investing in the Tamadoge presale. Tamadoge is a utility based meme coin which is also tax free, deflationary and boasts strong tokenomics with just a two billion total supply. More excitingly, Tamadoge also taps into the play-to-earn category of crypto where you can capitalize more of the native token (TAMA) in the Tamaverse by playing the game.

Tamadoge will create longevity with it’s players because the platform is going to be fun, exciting and ooze with replay value. One of my favourite things about Tamadoge are the amazing Tamadoge pets which have their own 3D designs. In the future players will be able to see these in an augmented reality setting.

In just over three weeks Tamadoge has already raised an incredible $4,018,000 which is roughly 25% of the total hard cap set at $19m. A massive feat is that Tamadoge actually sold out of it’s $2,000,000 beta sale in under two weeks.

Investors or traders can purchase Tamadoge (TAMA) at in exchange for Ethereum, USDT or Fiat currencies. Tamadoge is also going to be launching on the LBANK centralized exchange once it goes to public sale. There are also rumours that Tamadoge has more centralized exchanges in the pipeline for the future.

I speculate that in the future we may see Tamadoge as one of the next top 10 meme coins by market capital.


Tamadoge - The Play to Earn Dogecoin

Our Rating

  • '10x - 50x Potential' - CNBC Report
  • Deflationary, Low Supply - 2 Billion
  • Listed on OKX, Bitmart, LBank, MEXC, Uniswap
  • Move to Earn, Metaverse Integration on Roadmap
  • NFT Doge Pets - Potential for Mass Adoption