Tamadoge, a promising Tamagotchi/dog meme-inspired play-to-earn (P2E) crypto project, has made fresh progress toward the release of its highly anticipated arcade. According to an update from the Tamadoge team in late November, developers have now integrated an NFT selector into the arcade gaming suite.

Upon the release of the Tamadoge Arcade, users will be able to select and use the Tamadoge NFTs that they own within each game. The Tamadoge team warns that users need to “choose carefully” when selecting which of their Tamadoge non-fungible tokens to use in each game. Thats because “different (Tamadoge NFT) stat(istic)s affect different abilities in game, so some NFTs will be better suited to certain games”. Tamadoge Arcade is expected to be released in Q3 2023, according to the Tamadoge whitepaper.

What Is Tamadoge?

Tamadoge (TAMA) is the cryptocurrency token at the center of the soon-to-be-released Tamaverse – a web3 ecosystem within which users can create, breed, and nurture digital dogs called Tamadoge pets. Tamadoge pet owners accrue Dogepoints for their efforts, and the users with the most Dogepoints at the end of each month can claim winnings from the monthly Dogepool.

Owners of Tamadoge pets will also in the future be able to use their dogs to play games and compete against each other for prizes in the soon-to-be-release Tamadoge Arcade, which will be another key part of the Tamaverse ecosystem.

Tamadoge pet owners will use the TAMA token to buy things from the Tamaverse store, be that buying food, toys, or accessories for their digital pets. 5% of these TAMA tokens will be burnt, ensuring the token is deflationary in the long run. 30% will go to Tamadoge’s marketing and development fund. 65% will go to the Dogepool and be distributed to the players with the most Dogepoints at the end of each month.

Best Dog Meme Crypto Project For 2023?

Tamadoge shows every sign of becoming one of the top dog meme-inspired cryptocurrency projects of 2023. That could launch its TAMA token into the stratosphere. Why?

Unlike Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, both notorious for their lack of utility, TAMA is tied to a promising play-to/and-earn crypto gaming ecosystem that could explode in popularity. Analysts expect gaming experiences like raising Tamadoge pets and playing in the Tamadoge Arcade to appeal to a wide range of users well beyond the usual crypto crowd.

The project already has substantial traction, with 77.2K Twitter followers and 50K Telegram channel members. Its token is already listed on a few major cryptocurrency exchanges, including OKX.

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