Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are seeing increased adoption as the push for a green-powered economy ramps up. According to a European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) report, over 12% of all European registered cars were battery-powered. This depicts a 3% increase from the 2021 figure.

With EVs bringing convenience with zero health concerns, the demand for platforms that provide value-added services is increasing. One such platform is C+Charge which creates an entire ecosystem of EV-centric solutions for the modern-day vehicle user.

Electric vehicles (EVs) Are the Future

Over the past decade, there has been exponential growth in the use of electric vehicles. The market is estimated to hit over $450 billion this year, with a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17% between 2023 and 2027.

Thanks to the entry of players like Tesla and Rvian, as well as the pivot of traditional carmakers and increased awareness of the global climate crisis, more people have been willing to switch to EVs and become part of the green revolution. However, while this is laudable, the market is also significantly ineffective.

Charging EVs remains a major issue because charging stations are not evenly distributed. And, as demand for EVs grows, the existing infrastructure will be unable to keep up.

This is where C+Charge comes in. This platform is looking to bring the benefits of blockchain technology into the EV space, providing a reliable and simple way for users to charge their vehicles and make payments.

When it comes to EV charging, C+Charge deviates from the norm. The platform promises speed, privacy, and transparency, with transactions conducted using the platform’s native CCHG token. In exchange, they will receive even more value when charging their vehicles in the future.

C+Charge’s operations are carried out using its mobile app. The app will offer payment processing and station tracking features, allowing Electric Vehicle users to get real-time information about charging stations close to them.

The C+Charge mobile app will also provide benefits such as vehicle diagnosis, allowing users to determine which parts of their vehicles are defective and even order replacement parts.

Carbon Credits for EV Ownership

Another significant benefit of C+Charge is that the platform provides users with carbon credits for their charging. These credits are usually in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing users to trade or sell them as they please.

Carbon credits are typically purchased and allow their holders to emit a certain amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. C+Charge will offer these credits for free to users as long as they stay committed to charging at its managed stations.

C+Charge is also on a mission to disrupt the carbon credit market providing access to everyday individuals. The objective is to provide an additional incentive for people to switch to electric vehicles.

The CCHG Token

The native CCHG token powers all of C+Charge’s operations. The coin will primarily be used for payment processing at all managed stations and will be deflationary. This means that as CCHG is used for payments, more units will be removed from circulation. A deflationary token structure should improve the asset’s long-term price prospects.

CCHG is currently available on presale. The digital asset has raised over $519,000 in less than three months.

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