DEFC Price Prediction

After its over 500% move in early May from $0.10 to just over $0.50, DeFi Coin (DEFC) has now found support at the 21 Week EMA at $0.15.

With Bitcoin bouncing 10 – 12% today from just over $20k to back over $22,500, some altcoins that sold off more than BTC on the crash are now presenting trade set ups.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

DEFC Price Forecast

Alts generally act as a beta asset to BTC, correcting or pumping more in the same direction BTC moves – if Bitcoin has now bottomed low market cap altcoins like DEFC could quickly flip bullish, and many are bouncing today.

DEFC Coinmarketcap

The current DEFC weekly candle will close in three days and with BTC and ETH both moving to the upside after the FOMC meeting and the Fed announcing a 75 basis points rate hike, DEFC will likely close above the 21 week EMA for the 7th week in a row.

It may take time for investor confidence to return to the crypto market but a move back to around $38k as many traders are predicting, could allow DEFC to move up to retest the $1 level which acted as resistance in late 2021.

DEFC has little trading history above $1 so if the price can breakout there would be little resistance preventing it from establishing a new range from $1 – $1.50.

The all time high of $4 was hit when DEFC was listed on its first centralized crypto exchange, Bitmart. More CEX listings are being applied for – other than Bitmart DEFC is listed on PancakeSwap or can be bought on the project’s own DEX, DeFi Swap.

On DeFi Swap DEFC can also be staked for up to 75% APY, which at the current low price levels would be one way to compound a position.


DeFi Coin (DEFC) - Undervalued Project

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