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DeFi Coin (DEFC) has stayed true to our earlier DEFC price prediction that it would stabilise around the $0.28 region, with its next move likely to be an attack on $0.33 price.

Today DEFC has hit that near-term price target with room to spare. It is currently trading at $0.3498 as buyers take positions following a weekend of consolidation.

The DEFC price briefly touched $0.35 for a 20% price increase in the past 24 hours, but has seen a healthily mild pull back since then, probably before the next leg higher.

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DEFC set to breach near-term resistance at $0.3564 – next stop $0.50?

Placed towards the top of supportive consolidation, the price could see this previous area of resistance flip to support when the price prints above $0.3564, at the 0.786 Fibonacci line – that could happen today but it could be choppy.

defi coin defc price 23 may 2022

DeFi Coin’s supportive march higher confirmed by Ichimoku

The enviable price set-up for DEFC is underlined by Ichimoku cloud analysis which seeks to discern price movement direction from the interplay of price moving averages.

The Ichimoku conversion line (blue) has crossed the base line (red) in a bullish signal for the DEFC price.

Those of a more nervous disposition will be quick to note how far above the green bull cloud the price has risen, but combined with our previous observation about the areas of consolidation the price looks to be passing, there is plenty of safety for buyers at these levels.

defi coin defc price chart ichimoku

So what price points should bulls target now? Let’s assume that the price does pole vault over the 0.786 Fib retracement that aligns with the top of our consolidation region.

If and when that comes to pass, then there is little in the way of resistance to hold back the price until its reaches into the high $0.40s.

Then the price would need to successfully overcome the $0.4769 level in order for an assault on $0.50 to come into view – that looks more than possible on the action of the past few days as volumes start to pick up, albeit it from admittedly modest levels.

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Solid fundamentals with more good news to come for DeFi Coin

With the crypto complex and the DeFi component having a mostly green day, general conditions are supportive of further pumps higher for DEFC.

However, looking beyond the technical set-up, the fundamentals of the project is the ultimate determinant of price and DEFC is no different in that regard.

On that, holding DEFC means you can earn an income by staking it on DeFi Swap, of which DEFC is the native token. There are four choices of staking periods to choose from with a rising scale of APY, going from 30% (30 days) to 75% (360 days).

Those are annual percentage yield figures, so the stated returns of 30% APY holding for 30 days on the bronze option would be 2.5%. Similarly, for the silver package of 45% APY on 90 days, the return would be 11.25%.

Whichever way you look at it the returns are highly attractive compared to those available from legacy financial products.

DeFi Swap launched less than a month ago and development is progressing at full pelt, so buyers can look forward to a steady stream of announcements coming in the next few weeks.

More trading pairs are in the works and more information on the current manual burn and possible tweaks to how that operates could follow soon.

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