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Decentraland’s MANA token price has been picking up recently, as 2023 ushers in a wave of new bullish sentiment for the crypto markets.

After the euphoria of 2021, 2022 was a disaster for the crypto markets and many of the best performing assets of the bull run became some of the worst performing assets in the bear.

MANA was not immune to this severe price correction and suffered a huge drop from its all time highs. Despite the fact that the bullish sentiment has been returning to the markets, particularly during the last week, many speculators are turning to newer projects that have a higher potential for growth moving forward.

RobotEra may generate better returns than Decentraland’s MANA

One of the newest metaverses on the scene, RobotEra, is pioneering in the niche of robotics and AI with their interplanetary metaverse building game.

As a brand new project, there is currently a lot of hype surrounding the token presale as people are excited about the possibility of the project’s potential returns moving forward, particularly those of TARO, which is the native currency of the RobotEra metaverse.

Shape the future of RobotEra with the RobotEra DAO

One of the most exciting aspects of the RobotEra metaverse is the fact that it is being turned into a decentralised autonomous organisation, with the TARO governance token being used for the community to calibrate its decision making and governance process.

This means that anyone who either buys TARO or earns TARO through the RobotEra play to earn mechanisms is able to play a role in shaping the future of the metaverse.

Everyone can make their voice heard and vote on future changes, which is important for the future of the company since it means that the core team can more easily leverage the hive mind of their community and make the changes that are popular and appropriate with a larger pool of intellectual capital.

The RobotEra presale is selling out quickly

Investors are flocking to the RobotEra presale en masse in pursuit of high ROIs on their investment, and the belief that the RobotEra team can create a fulfilling Web3 experience replete with features and utility.

The presale has managed to raise an impressive $700k thus far, and by all indications will continue to raise at an impressive rate moving forward.

At the present moment, the price of the token stands at just $0.02, but this will rise to $0.025 at the next stage of the presale – those who want to acquire tokens at the best prices ought to head over to the RobotEra website as soon as possible. For those who are interested in outcompeting other metaverses in terms of returns, particularly giants such as the Sandbox’s SAND or Decentraland’s MANA, TARO may prove to be a fruitful endeavour.

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