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As one of the oldest and most well-recognised metaverses, Decentraland has risen to prominence and its native MANA token has grown to have one of the largest market capitalisations in the entire industry.

As such, there is even a MANA fund at Grayscale, which has opened the door for institutional capital to allocate to MANA.

However, there are some signs that DCG could be in trouble given how their recent attempts to find funding have fallen short – there are many who are concerned that they could be forced to sell some of Grayscale’s assets, which could negatively impact the price of MANA.

Is TARO a better buy than MANA?

TARO could well be a far better buy than MANA, given the relative sizes of the projects: whilst MANA already has a huge market cap, TARO is still a relatively early stage project, meaning that there is still significant upside to be had for those who invest well.

Furthermore, whilst Decentraland was one of the first metaverses, there are many areas in which it could have been improved on a more fundamental level given hindsight.

For example, one of the ways that TARO has a significant advantage over projects like MANA is that there is also a focus on play to earn gaming, and those who participate in the RobotEra metaverse in games are able to earn for their efforts.

RobotEra, in the same was as other projects such as the Sandbox and Iluvium have done, has been able to ensure that they have capitalised on and learned from those who have gone before them.

As such, the RobotEra metaverse is highly focused on the niche of robots and AI, as well as catering for those who wish to integrate their NFTs and NFT communities into the metaverse.

When one factors in the concerns over DCG and the potential for institutions to be forced to liquidate their MANA holdings, there are further reasons why one may wish to opt for TARO – even with a lower market cap, there may be less existential risk.

Participate in the RobotEra presale now on their website

The RobotEra presale has been selling out extremely quickly, with people from across the industry showing a keen interest in the project and its promise for capitalising on a robot niche in the metaverse.

The presale is currently live on their website, with the token price currently standing at just $0.02, but the price is set to rise at the next stage of the presale to $0.025.

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