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Decentraland, as the OG metaverse, has grown significantly over the course of the past few years, with LAND there sometimes fetching six figures during the bull market, and larger plots fetching even more.

All digital real estate that is bought in Decentraland is an NFT, and the LAND sales have been used to allow people to develop all manner of things in the metaverse.

For example, artists have made virtual art galleries, musicians have been performing virtual concerts, and gamers have been able to make use of the all-encompassing nature of a metaverse.

LAND grab in Decentraland has been slowing down

Nevertheless, there are newcomers all the time, and Decentraland isn’t immune to the competition.

Over the course of the last bull market several new metaverse emerged, such as Iluvium, the Sandbox and Axie Infinity.

Various different metaverse are capitalising on different niches, with some focused more on graphics, others P2E gaming, and some more fantasy-driven storylines.

New metaverse project RobotEra continues to gain traction

RobotEra is a brand new metaverse that is focused on the niche of robots, and the project has been going from strength to strength over the course of the last few weeks.

Those who participate in the RobotEra metaverse can build their own cities and socialise with other robots.

Moreover, the RobotEra metaverse has a focus on play to earn gaming, allowing people to participate in games and earn rewards for them in the TARO token.

The TARO presale is now live on the RobotEra website

The TARO token is the native token of the RobotEra metaverse, and is used as the currency for the metaverse and the RobotEra DAO.

The symbiosis of being a currency, a rewards token and a governance token mean that those who play in the metaverse most actively and participate the most are able to get the most out of the metaverse, and to help govern it as much as possible.

Currently, the token is being at the presale on the RobotEra website, and has now raised an impressive $287k in an extremely short space of time.

The presale is being conducted in a series of stages, with the price gradually increasing at each stage. Currently, the D2T token is being sold for just $0.02, but this will rise to $0.025 at the next stage of the presale.

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