Dash 2 Trade is a brand new trading platform that dramatically innovates the way in which crypto trading is conducted, and hopes to usher in a new era of trading with tools that are accessible and useful for a wide range of market participants.

A social trading platform

Many giants of the trading and investment space over the last few years, such as Etoro, have tried to capitalise on the trend of “social trading”.

Dash 2 Trade will also be working to fill the niche, as the platform does not only share more technical analysis, but also shows sentiment scores of most recent market participants.

Bringing crypto trading tools to the masses

Dash 2 Trade aims to make the automation of trading as seamless as possible, and the “strategy builder” option makes trading and the process of adopting new trading strategies far easier, even for retail traders with less experience.

By positioning itself as the “Bloomberg of Crypto” (but without the $2,000 monthly subscription), Dash 2 Trade brings a suite of some of the most sophisticated tools to traders – both those with a depth of experience and those who are newer to the space.

D2T presale now live – $400k raised in 24 hours

At the core of the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem is the D2T token, whose presale began yesterday.

Thus far, the presale has already managed to raise $400k, showing that there is a clear interest in the project going forward.

Those who participate at the earlier stages of the presale will be entitled to far better rates than those who participate later on or who buy at the IDO, since the price of the tokens gradually increases over time as the presale continues into the later stages.

The D2T token will be an extremely important part of the ecosystem that confers a variety of benefits to holders.

Notably, the token will be required by users who wish to have a subscription to various features of the Dash 2 Trade dashboard.

Dash 2 Trade also has a focus on presales

Unlike many other trading platforms, which are almost exclusively focused on trading alone (and most without the social component), Dash 2 Trade hopes to also capitalise on another segment of the crypto industry that can provide outsized returns: presales.

Dash 2 Trade offers speculators the opportunity to also participate in presales directly from their platform.

Presales are an area of crypto that often allow for investors to make outsized returns. For example, Lucky Block grew by over 75x in the three weeks from its presale, and Krabada grew by over 100x.

The MVP of the project has already been developed. Unlike with other presale platforms, the Dash 2 Trade presale platform shows detailed information about the projects who launch with them, including information about the team, tokenomics, and the development stages of the project’s roadmap.

A dashboard with extensive features

The prime value proposition offered by Dash 2 Trade is the dashboard, for which most of the key features will require a certain amount of D2T tokens to be held.

The project is being worked on by a team of 15 that have a high degree of experience in the world of cryptocurrencies and trading, and are pooling their knowledge of these industries in order to realise their goals.

The dashboard has a series of features that are not offered by most trading platforms, including:

  • Risk profiler: a range of strategies that are tailored to meet the risk appetites of individual investors and speculators.
  • Auto-trading API: this allows users to connect directly to their brokers in order to make trades.
  • Technical indicators and social indicators: both of these offer the opportunity for speculators to make actionable decisions for their projects based on what they deem necessary and important.
  • Presale ICOs and scoring system: unlike many presale projects such as DuckDAODime, Polkastarter, or Avalaunch, Dash2Trade’s presale platform comes replete with detailed information and analysis of each project, rated based on a series of different metrics calculated by professionals.
  • Backtesting: this is extremely important, since it means that users are able to test out how their strategies would have historically performed, before testing them out in the future. As always, the past is no guarantor of the future and rarely repeats itself, but often rhymes.
  • Listing alerts: automated listing alerts means that users can know far before others as to whether or not a project has listed on a particular centralised exchange. These alerts can keep Dash2Trade users far ahead of the crowd.
  • On-chain analytics: usually this data is provided by companies such as Glassdoor, and is rather difficult for the average retail trader to make sense of and contextualise. Dash2Trade makes this entire process extremely simple, in order to benefit traders and speculators of all kinds within one platform.
  • Social trading: rather than just gauging sentiment, one can follow and track other successful traders on their trading journey and replicate the successes of those who they appear most competent.

The Dash2Trade presale is continuing to gain momentum thanks to this range of utility that the project offers.

Those who wish to participate in the presale can do so on their website, and stay abreast of the latest updates on their Twitter.

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