The crowdfunding and ICO sector is one of the largest growing industries, which is expected to grow and reach USD 21 billion by 2024, according to FNF research. However, there are inherent problems with today’s crowdfunding model, such as a lack of alignment and transparency, restrictions on the retail crowd, regulatory framework, and expensive fees.

A new project, The Conglomerate Capital (TCC), is set to change the entire crowdfunding and ICO sector by changing how companies can raise cash through a DAO-based governance system designed to protect investors.

The presale for the project is set to go live on January 16th, providing the perfect entry opportunity into a project backed by a highly experienced team with decades in the private equity and venture capital industries.

What is The Conglomerate Capital?

The Conglomerate Capital is a Web3, BEP-20 blockchain investment and funding platform wholly governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The entire premise of the platform is to allow startups and SMEs to raise capital while simultaneously protecting investors through a crypto-based governance structure.

TCC intends to revolutionize the entire world of investing and crowdfunding by flipping the dynamic upside down. Instead of companies raising enormous sums of cash and then delivering nothing, the governance system will provide protections to ensure companies deliver on their roadmaps.

In a nutshell, TCC intends to democratize investment options, streamline the investment process for individuals, and provide fundraising for companies.

The entire project was born from a desire to make opportunities accessible to regular people by assembling a conglomerate of companies under management.

TCC intends to solve problems raised in crowdfunding and launchpads on both sides of the equation. Companies, especially SMEs, need help raising capital but their balance sheet and track record are nonexistent in the early days. They also don’t have access to a network of retail and accredited investors. For investors, TCC intends to create a system that provides protection from companies that fail to deliver on their project goals.

Who Created TCC?

Yves Civolani, a previous tier-1 private equity industry executive, founded TCC. The project raised investment from notorious capitalists and blockchain companies last year and is now ready to launch its public presale.

Civolani realized that the average person lacks basic financial knowledge and spends their life savings on substandard investment opportunities. In addition, the complex nature of the investment industry creates an environment where investing and finance can be somewhat overwhelming, even for experienced executives.

As a result, he created TCC to create a system allowing retail investors to access investments with a higher chance of profitability for early investors.

In addition, although stock markets have boomed in recent years, most of the gains are made by the companies’ early investors, who purchased the shares when they were private companies. This type of investment is permanently closed off to the retail crowd, meaning they cannot get involved early.

TCC was designed to help investors while providing an outlet for companies to raise capital.

The TCC and CONG Token Ecosystem: Explained

The TCC investment platform is designed to bring deals to worldwide investors under a DAO-based governance structure using the CONG token – which is going up for presale on January 16th. CONG will be the only token in the entire ecosystem and will be used for raising capital and governance matters.

TCC is the only investment and funding platform to implement governance and investing features designed to guide and protect investors. Furthermore, to give CONG value, TCC intends to bring various crypto-industry features to the table, such as the DAO, DeFi Yield Staking, and voting practices. As a result, the DAO has some of the best governance practices currently available in the market.

The DAO will help to improve the protection of minority holders, allowing them to participate and discuss the most important decisions related to the company.

For example, one protection measure involves how the DAO distributes any raised funds to the companies. Instead of sending the raised capital in one go, the funds are sent to the company in separate batches after they achieve outlined milestones. Adding further, CONG holders can vote to decide if the company has completed the milestones before they receive their funding.

Holders of CONG can benefit in multiple ways, including token appreciation, token dividends, the sale of portfolio companies, interest-bearing tokens, and staking.

Investors purchase the CONG tokens, which is the only token to fund all Companies.

What is There to Know about CONG for Now?

The CONG Token is in its presale phase at the moment.

The CONG token will be sold over two separate rounds, with the initial price starting at $0.0025. Once the first stage of the presale has been fulfilled, the presale price will increase by 20%, selling CONG for $0.003 in presale round two.

To protect investors against price movements generated by whales buying and selling, CONG tokens purchased in both rounds will have a 3-month lockup and a 6-month vesting period, with a release schedule of 16.67% per month.

Overall, the presale of CONG provides the perfect opportunity to enter into the new revolutionary venture capital and private equity method before the platform gains traction and the token sees impressive growth.