Certain whales believe that the crypto winter is the perfect opportunity to buy cryptos that have shown to have tremendous upside potential.

Four coins have popped up on whales’ radar because of unique features that could prove to be highly lucrative as the projects gain more exposure through their successful presales and upcoming ICOs.

1. FightOut (FGHT) – Move to Earn Coin Rewarding Active Lifestyles

FightOut is a newly launched crypto presale with its native token, $FGHT, already in high demand. Within days of launch, FightOut raised more than $2 million as investors flocked to the platform to take advantage of the rewards and bonus tokens.

Being part of the early fundraiser enables investors to lock in bonus tokens. An initial investment of $500 receives a 10% token bonus. An additional 10% bonus is granted to investors also selecting a 6-month vesting period. To maximize the bonus, investors should buy $50,000 of $FGHT tokens and select the 24-month vesting period.

Another way to earn $FGHT tokens is by using the FightOut app to perform machine exercises, body workouts and cardio. Users are also rewarded tokens for growing the community and earning badges.

The in-app currency, REPS, can be exchanged for merchandise, subscriptions and remote sessions with trainers. FightOut is also working on opening gyms in key metropolitan areas around the world, enabling users to in person access.

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2. Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – Innovative Signals and On-Onchain Analytics Crypto

Dash 2 Trade is nearing the end of its presale, which has raised more than $10 million. Investors have only 11 days left to buy D2T tokens at $0.053 before they’re listed on exchanges. D2T is an access token to a dashboard that helps traders become more profitable.

The platform provides traders with key technical and fundamental data that enables them to position themselves well in the market. Traders can also opt for buy and sell alerts or incorporate on-chain statistics in their analysis to monitor what the institutional investors are doing with their coins.

Dash 2 Trade enables traders to build strategies and test them in environments mimicking live conditions without risking their own money to determine the most profitable strategies.

After the presale ends, D2T tokens will be listed on major exchanges on 11 January 2023. That will provide the project with even more exposure.

Dash 2 Trade has allocated only 5% of its total token supply to liquidity. Waiting for the token to list on exchanges will result in investors scrambling to buy the few remaining tokens.

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3. C Charge – Eco-Friendly Crypto Democratizing Carbon Credits

C+Charge is an environmentally friendly ecosystem striving to reward electric vehicle (EV) drivers for charging their cars after using its native token $CCHG as a payment method.

Drivers receive carbon credits in their C+Charge app, which features a crypto wallet to store tokens and rewards. The app enables drivers to use the geolocation feature to find the nearest functional charging stations.

C+Charge’s peer-to-peer payment system will enable operators of charging stations to extract real-time data and perform diagnostics tests.

The carbon credits industry is set to blossom into an $851 billion industry this year, but the beneficiaries of the majority of the revenue are large corporations. And C+Charge wants to divert a portion of that revenue to EV owners for charging their vehicles.

$CCHG coins are currently on presale, available at $0.013 during the first stage.

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4. IMPT – Sustainability Coin Rewarding Carbon Footprint Reduction

IMPT raised more than $20 million during its presale as investors wanting to collect reward tokens for shopping at major retail outlets.

This ecosystem partnered with large corporations such as Amazon, Microsoft and Bloomingdale’s, to name a few. By shopping at these stores, investors receive IMPT tokens. This ecosystem also rewards points to users who reduce their carbon footprint and retire their carbon credits.

IMPT held its ICO on LBank on 14 December, and investors still have a chance to buy the coin at presale prices. Upcoming listings include BitMart on December 28 and Gate.io on January 1.

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Fight Out - Next Big Train-to-Earn Crypto

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Fightout token
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