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In recent years, we’ve seen a significant shift towards freelance work as individuals seek more control over their work-life balance. As a result the global freelance market is thriving, with people across a range of industries looking to work on their own terms.

An array of platforms have cropped up to meet this demand, offering a space for freelancers and employers to connect, negotiate, and transact.

Despite this progress, the freelance sector isn’t without its hurdles, however. High commission rates, payment delays, and issues around the ownership of work are still prevalent in many popular freelancing platforms.

Blockchain technology, with its capacity to improve transparency, efficiency, and trust in transactions could potentially rid the industry of these issues. In fact, a fresh player in the crypto space, DeeLance, is on the brink of offering a new approach to the gig economy.

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Working Smarter, Not Harder: The Crypto Presale That’s Changing the Freelance Game

DeeLance, making use of the Ethereum blockchain, stands as a potentially transformative player in the freelance industry, stirring up interest in the crypto sphere. The platform’s crypto presale phase has successfully raked in $1.38 million, a figure signaling investor confidence.

Plans for listing on exchanges are underway, nudging investors to focus on the potential implications to DeeLance.

DeeLance, at its core, is a Web3 recruitment platform with plans to change the way clients and freelancers connect. By employing Ethereum’s blockchain technology, DeeLance aspires to smooth the hiring journey, making it quicker, simpler, and more cost-effective.

IBISWorld data places the global recruitment industry at $761 billion as of January 2023. DeeLance is rising to the challenge of capitalizing on this trend, offering a user-friendly platform that will hold a competitive edge over established platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

Treading the Waters of Fee Structures and Payments

An apparent advantage of DeeLance is its lean fee structure, only charging clients 2% and freelancers 10%, compared to Fiverr’s steep 20% levy on both ends.

DeeLance further employs a crypto-based payment infrastructure and smart contract-secured escrow accounts to shield both freelancers and clients from potential losses. It’s an arrangement that offers immediate withdrawals for freelancers, outperforming the substantial minimum payout thresholds imposed by centralized platforms.

Additionally, DeeLance will also incorporate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to regulate ownership of completed work. This approach offers a transparent environment for all users by addressing issues related to work ownership.

In addition to its fee structure and use of NFTs, DeeLance introduces a fully-equipped metaverse world for clients and freelancers to interact, enriching their engagement.

Within this virtual realm, clients and freelancers can construct avatars and establish immersive interactions.

Clients are even offered the option of creating virtual offices and hosting meetings. There’s also an opportunity for clients to procure virtual ad space for product or service promotion.

All these possibilities hinge on DeeLance’s native ERC-20 token, $DLANCE. It acts as the transactional currency within the metaverse for renting virtual offices or financing in-world advertising.

Joining the Crypto Presale: Smart Work in the Digital Freelance Market

$DLANCE will also be the primary digital currency clients utilize to pay freelancers for their work. By holding $DLANCE, investors will be able to enjoy exclusive perks such as fee reductions, early access to new DeeLance features, and access to NFT whitelists.

The rising interest in DeeLance is evident in the number of users joining their Telegram channel, currently over 14,000 members strong, and their Twitter audience exceeding 28,000.

With a beta version of the DeeLance platform expected to launch later this year, investors have an early-bird opportunity to buy $DLANCE tokens through the ongoing crypto presale.

The DeeLance presale involves seven stages, with Stage 4 presently in motion, offering tokens at a mere $0.038.

However, only 300 million $DLANCE tokens are allocated for the presale, and with the token price escalating with each stage, there’s an urge for potential investors to join the crypto presale as early as possible.

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